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Indian Medical Specialists Have Gained a Great Reputation Globally, Here's One Scenario

The Columbia Asia Hospitals - India has been providing tele-radiology services since 2010, for remote areas in the country


Digitizing Healthcare: How Technology is Improving Medical Care

Medical technology is a diverse field where innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health.

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Patient, Quantify Thyself

You already know what a Fitbit does. When will entrepreneurs create still more such technology that overlays health care with computer science?


"If You Are An Innovator, You Have To Create Your Own Road"

Varun Gera was a former CEO at United Healthcare India prior to taking the entrepreneurial route!

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These Startups Are Disrupting the Healthcare Industry With Targeted Cancer Treatments

Innovations in big data, machine learning and in-device sensors are changing the nature of technology startups.


How This Mohali-Based Startup Helps You Track Diabetes Using Your Mobile

Investors typically expect startups to operate out of a metro in close proximity so that it can be scaled up easily

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How to Become a Healthcare Innovator

The healthcare industry needs startups, and startups need the healthcare industry. Are you in?