Indian Medical Specialists Have Gained a Great Reputation Globally, Here's One Scenario

The Columbia Asia Hospitals - India has been providing tele-radiology services since 2010, for remote areas in the country

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By Sneha Banerjee • Feb 20, 2017


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The Columbia Asia Hospitals - India has been providing tele-radiology services since 2010, for remote areas in India and recently the hospital entered a partnership with PDMD, Cameroon for provision of tele-radiology, tele-consult and tele-education services. In March 2017, PDMD-Cameroon will be starting a polyclinic with world-class diagnostic facilities in Douala, capital of Cameroon's Littoral Region.

Paul Guimezap, CEO, PDMD & President, IUC- L'Institut Universitaire de la Côte, spoke to Entrepreneur where Indian medical specialists stand in the global scenario today.

"Though we have good doctors in Cameroon, there is still a need to benefit from the expertise of Indian medical specialists who have gained a great reputation all over the world particularly in America, Middle East and Europe. Recently when I was in America I came to realize that most of the medical doctors there were Indians and that some of the reports were from India.

Though the concept of tele-radiology is relatively new, the Columbia Asia Tele-Radiology Group made a mark on me when I saw the quality of their facilities and the vast availability of highly qualified radiologist working 24/7 to provide accurate reports within 3 hours of reception of images," Guimezap said.

Columbia Asia Hospitals will help us set up our diagnostic center such that our services are run according to international protocols and standards. The use of tele-medicine for our diagnostic center will help save time as well as travelling cost for those who travel abroad for their medical checkups, he adds.

Guimezap, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, started a School for Technical Education and Training (CEFTI) and Higher Institute of Technologies and Industrial Design (ISTDI).Recognising its performance and credibility the Cameroonian government through a decree recognised it as University Institute to form University Institute of the Coast (IUC). Today, IUC in collaboration with Canadian, French and Italian partners provides industrial, technological and commercial technical training

"In order to bring my humble contribution to the problem of healthcare in Cameroon and to some extent to Africa, I have undertaken the task to set up in Douala, a world class imaging diagnostic center with all the latest equipments of diagnosis such as MRI, CT Scan, mammography, X-Ray, USG with the purpose of providing accurate diagnostics to patients because unless the disease is specifically and accurately determined the treatment cannot be entirely successful.

Talking about the partnership with Columbia Hospitals Guimezap said, "I am convinced that this partnership with Columbia Asia will help me provide international quality services to my patients as well as help my country Cameroon in particular."

"Our cooperation with Columbia Asia will mostly be in the domain of tele-medicine because they are one of the leaders in this domain and we are honored to partner with them in specific domains such as tele-radiology and tele-consulting," he adds.

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