Why The 21st Century Cures Act is an Innovators Dream

Provisions in the Cures Act Final Rule represent huge advances in patient empowerment, freedom, convenience, and unprecedented accessibility.

Morris Panner

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5 Health-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

No sector of the economy has changed more rapidly in the last year than health tech.

J.P. Hoornstra

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4 Strategies For Entrepreneurs and Gig Workers Who Want to Take Control of Their Healthcare

Leverage these must-know healthcare tips to find the right policy and save on your taxes.

Brian J. Roberts

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These 5 Careers Could Be the Future of Healthcare

Technology is not only changing the way we do healthcare, but also its career possibilities.

Morris Panner

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Why Entrepreneurs Must Demand More From Healthcare

The main reason is as blunt as it is true: employees who can't work are expensive.

Jeffrey Cronk, DC, JD

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Here's The Greatest Barrier to Quality Health Care (and It's Not Pre-Existing Conditions)

For decades, politicians and policy experts have focused on the wrong problem.

Nelson Griswold

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2 Guys From Utah Co-Founded a Healthcare-Solutions Company. Within a Year, They Were Managing Covid Testing for 3 States

Joshua Walker and Mark Newman thought they were going to revolutionize healthcare administration. Then the coronavirus revolutionized their business.

Kenny Herzog

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Healthcare is in Turmoil, But Technology Can Save Businesses Billions

Technology will save the American healthcare system while simultaneously helping all business owners save money and increase employee satisfaction and well-being.

Linda Orr

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What Chadwick Boseman's Death Tells Us About Workplace Healthcare

Too often, the pressures of capitalism make the workplace a toxic environment for those diagnosed with cancer, especially Black people.

Dr. Sophia Ononye-Onyia

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Telemedicine is Laying the Roadmap for Healthcare's Future

One New York doctor explains how it has "introduced a whole new level of convenience and respite."

Simonetta Lein

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5 Companies to Invest in After the Health Crisis

The ecommerce, healthcare and cyber security companies that are poised to rebound the fastest.

Oliver Isaacs

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How to Hire Certified Nursing Assistants

Nurses are more in demand than ever. If your business needs to hire a CNA, here's how to attract top talent.

Desmond Lim

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