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Founder Of Star Health V Jagannathan Quits From the Board

According to available sources, Jagannathan, who resigned from his role as non-executive chairman, plans to set up a new venture

Health & Wellness

9 Ways to Harness Entrepreneurial Skills in Medicine

Entrepreneurship and medicine may seem like divergent paths, but integrating entrepreneurial skills into medicine can lead to innovative solutions and professional fulfillment.

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Hundreds of People Mistakenly Told They Have Cancer in Biotech Software Mishap

The biotechnology company, Grail, said a software issue caused one of its vendors to accidentally send nearly 400 letters mistakenly telling patients they have cancer.

Growing a Business

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Help Make Healthcare More Accessible to Everyone

As a dental entrepreneur, I've spent my career working to make oral healthcare more accessible to all. Here's what I've learned.

Science & Technology

How AI and Data Are Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Despite their main products being drugs, pharma companies are driven by the power of data and AI, which helps them prove their value in treating and eradicating diseases.

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Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise in Hospitals, Incidences Have More Than Doubled in 5 Years

Ransomware attacks on hospitals pose unique challenges that put patients' lives at risk.

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How to Balance the Screen Time, Tech Use and Mental Health of Children and Adults

Navigating the digital landscape while prioritizing mental health for children and adults can be thrilling and challenging.

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Consumer Benefits Marketplace Thriwe Acquires Health-Fintech UCare Health

UCare's seamless payments platform and Thriwe's expertise in empowering corporates to drive employee rewards, lifestyle benefits, and consumer perks, will work in synergy to improve the employee benefits offering for businesses

Health & Wellness

What Can ChatGPT Do for Healthcare Practices?

Discover how ChatGPT can enhance healthcare practices by improving patient communication, increasing efficiency and providing better care.

Growth Strategies

Investing In The Future Of Healthcare In The UAE: Tamer El Sallab, Head of Gulf and Levant Cluster, Viatris

Viatris is a global healthcare company with a mission to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life.

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Tricog Raises $8.5 Million In Series B2 Funding

The funding will be used to expand the product line for remote patient monitoring and to scale the business across Asia and Africa

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Dimensions HRD Consultants Acquires Qwazent Talent Solutions

Given the wide reach of Dimension's clientele, it is expected that Qwazent business volume would expand rapidly, and clients would benefit from Dimension's deep expertise in this domain

Science & Technology

How Healthcare Providers Can Increase Patients' Trust in Artificial Intelligence

How can a provider increase levels of trust in AI from patients? What are the ethical concerns that startups have to consider and address in their marketing communication? Find the answers in this article.

Science & Technology

How Robots and AI Are Transforming the Surgery Room

Robotic devices and artificial intelligence are being increasingly incorporated into healthcare institutions across the world.


World Health Day 2023: A Deeper Dive Into Healthtech Ecosystem

Due to a growing population, rising income levels, and a demand for better healthcare services, the Indian healthcare sector is expanding quickly