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3 Defensive Mid Caps to March Into This March

Mid-cap land is where many lesser known growth and value stories reside—including these three companies.

News and Trends

Jio Health Raises $20 Million In Series B

Funds will be utilized to expand its smart clinics and omnichannel ecosystem across its primary market of Vietnam and in newer geographies and further advance technology platform innovation

Growth Strategies

The UAE Ministry Of Health And Prevention Invites Healthcare Innovators To Apply For The Be Bold 2022 Program

The first-of-its-kind federal innovation initiative invites 25 enterprising stakeholders from the healthcare industry to help design UAE government health programs.

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4 Trends in the Way Millennials Approach Healthcare

From an insistence upon price transparency to increased awareness of mental health issues, how 26- to 40-year-olds are changing care, and caregivers.

Science & Technology

What Is Level 2 Healthcare Software, and How Can We Use It for Maximum Advantage?

In a complex environment where every second counts, Level 1 software is simply not enough anymore, at least on its own.

Thought Leaders

5 Healthcare IT Trends Entrepreneurs Should Watch in 2022

Those who plan to capitalize on unprecedented levels of investor interest in the healthcare tech space must first be aware of significant market shifts and new IT methods of managing both care and administrative tasks.

Health & Wellness

This Is Why the U.S. Needs Drug-Pricing Reform

Democrats must deliver on drug-pricing reform while they still hold the White House and Congress.

Growth Strategies

Startup Spotlight: Seoul-Based Medtech Startup DC Medical Is Bringing Innovative Patented Medical Technologies To The Middle East

While there are four technologies the DC Medical team is working on, it is the preterm birth diagnostic device called EveryBaby that it is largely focused on at the moment.

Thought Leaders

How AI Can Enable and Support Both Caregivers and Patients

Artificial intelligence will never replace the human touch in healthcare, but when used properly and to its full capability, it has the potential to serve both caregivers and patients for the better.

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2 Stock Sectors to Invest in for 2022

Feeling bullish in 2022? Of course you are. Check out "2 for 2022" in our sector roundup.

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Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends Poised for Growth in 2022

Best-bet new-arrival innovations include hybrid AI virtual/in-person care as well as precision medicine, but others may surprise you.

Growing a Business

The Cloud Market is Becoming Commoditized. Here's What That Means for High-Tech Companies Aiming to Disrupt Healthcare.

Cloud providers have the opportunity to revolutionize healthcare and make a huge profit.

Science & Technology

Why the Future of Healthcare Innovation Lies in Community

Facilitating infrastructure to build community could go a long way in targeting many of the healthcare industry's shortcomings.

Science & Technology

Why Telemedicine Is the Future of Healthcare

From safety to ease of access, from reduced costs to AI-driven customized care, why virtual appointments are and will continue to be the proverbial win-win-win-win.

Science & Technology

10 Health Tech Trends Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind for the Next Decade

Healthcare is one of the few industries that actively embraces new technologies.