healthcare in India

Role of Technology in the Healthcare Sector

Technological advancements in the field of data management, AI and ML are now aiding healthcare providers and practitioners globally to monitor and manage their patient's in-hospitalisation and post hospitalisation

Nilesh Jain

How Technology can be Leveraged to Offer Personal Healthcare Management Services

Digital data platforms and integrated devices will transform healthcare form a physical interaction limited to a physician's consulting room to a truly innovative, high quality digital experience free from physical co-location of the doctor

How Innovation is Paving the Way for Better Home Healthcare

Here we'll discuss the challenges in health-care and the changes it has gone through with technology handy today

Vipin Pathak

This Is How Technology And Innovation Shaping the Indian Healthcare Sector

Ee now need innovations for developing technological solutions that can prevent the diseases by diagnosing them at early stages via non-invasive and convenient tools

Shilpa Malik

Is Technology the Future of Healthcare Sector?

The practice of medicine has become evidence-based as opposed to individual based

Reasons Why Swiss Insurtech dacadoo has Big Plans for India

The company is working with large healthcare operators in India including hospitals, fitness chains and pharmaceutical companies

Vanita D'souza

Trends That Have Revolutionized Diagnostics in India

Using technology in diagnostics is an ideal way to gauge health issues, fatigue, stress, insomnia

VCs & PEs Have Destroyed Ethical Medical Practice Says This Padma Shri in Medicine

From Karan Johan to Tushar Kapoor, surrogacy has given hope to many aspiring parents.

Aashika Jain