A Founder's Slam: How Sanjay Dasari Draws Inspiration by Being on Court

He firmly believes that there are no agendas on the basketball court but pure love for the play

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The Submerged Adventures: Bhavik Vasa of GetVantage Clears His Mind a Few Feet Underwater

Having first discovered scuba diving in Bali, Indonesia in 2010, Vasa ensures he deep dives 2 - 3 times a year


The Power Of Pedalling: How Rajeev Ranjan Became an Ardent Lover of Cycling

The chief of McDonald's India North & East credits his childhood friends for his love of cycling and calls the aerobic activity a treasure for life

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The Sound Of Success: Vaibhav Lodha

Co-founder of NBFC, ftcash, Vaibhav Lodha enjoys meeting people, storytelling and exploring new genres of music.

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Why Cultivating Hobbies Can Improve Mental Health and the Workplace

Hobbies can improve mood, job satisfaction and a company's bottom line: We should nurture them in ourselves and others.