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7 razones por las que Hong Kong sigue siendo el lugar número 1 de Asia para los negocios internacionales

Con una reputación establecida, pocas barreras comerciales y bajos impuestos y costos de cumplimiento, Hong Kong sigue siendo la opción preferida.


7 Reasons Why Hong Kong is Still Asia's No. 1 Spot for International Business

With an established reputation, few trade barriers and low tax and compliance costs, Hong Kong remains the go-to option.


Cómo Hong Kong se destaca como uno de los principales centros de tecnología financiera

Hong Kong puede ascender a ser un centro de tecnología financiera en todo el mundo a la luz de su diversidad, resistencia y dinámica en el sector financiero.

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How Hong Kong Stands Out as a Top Fintech Hub

Hong Kong can ascend to being a fintech hub worldwide in light of its diversity, resilience and dynamics in the financial sector.

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Everything You Need to Know About Alibaba's Hong Kong IPO

The e-commerce giant has raised $12.9 billion in its secondary listing

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Alibaba Pushes Ahead With $15 Billion Hong Kong Listing After Nod From Exchange Operator

Roadshow expected to start Nov. 13, and the company will start trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange in the last week of November

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Tech start-ups to transform SMEs

With the growing need of mid-market enterprises to do tech innovation and bring digital transformation on the customer front, an increasing number of tech start-ups are set to focus on bringing about SME transformation.

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This is Asia's Most Expensive Location for Business Travel

For the second consecutive year, this country has been ranked the most expensive location in Asia for business travel

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Friday Flashback: GoJek Becomes Indonesia's First Decacorn

Know what happened in the APAC region over the past week

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How China's Largest E-tailer is Expanding its Asia Reach

The partnership of JD.com with COSCO Logisitics will help in building better connect with international merchants and customers in the region

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How this Hong Kong-based Travel Unicorn Is Planning to Make Its Mark In the Asian Market

The company plans to deepen its investments ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

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Will Traditional Banks Survive Hong Kong's Digital Banking Move?

The region's Monetary Authority has granted first batch of virtual banking licences, catches up with Japan and China

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Friday Flashback: Toyota to Land a Car on the Moon

Know what happened in the APAC region over the past week


How this Professional Poker Player Used His Winnings to Create an 'Uber for Logistics', Hong Kong's Latest Unicorn Startup

Lalamove has three million registered drivers and serves more than 28 million users

Growth Strategies

How this Singapore Healthtech Startup Caught Hong Kong's Attention

New investment from Cyberport Macro Fund brings DocDoc's total funding to US$18.5 million