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Ice Cube Slams 'Demonic' AI Technology, Says It Has No Place in Music

The rapper said that the rise of AI in music could lead to "backlash," lawsuits, and a push for authentic voices.

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'I'm Not About to Pay': Ice Cube Slams Warner Bros. for Withholding Rights to 'Friday' Trilogy

The rapper and actor appeared on Mike Tyson's Hotboxin' podcast where he sounded off on his loss of distribution rights to the films he wrote and starred in.


BIG3 Basketball, la liga fundada por Ice Cube, les permitirá a los fans ser dueños de los equipos vía NFT's

Esta liga de baloncesto se caracteriza por sus originales propuestas y, una vez más, está dando de qué hablar.

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BIG3 Basketball, the league founded by Ice Cube, will allow fans to own teams via NFT's

This basketball league is characterized by its original proposals and, once again, it is giving something to talk about.