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Why Is iMessage Not Working? Users Report App Down and Not Sending Messages.

One hundred percent of those who reported issues using iMessage cited problems sending messages.


Ejecutivo de Google alega que iMessage de Apple 'acosa' a las personas para que compren iPhones

Los documentos judiciales revelan la creación de la estrategia de Apple para dominar iMessage.

Business News

Google Executive Alleges Apple's iMessage 'Bullies' People Into Buying iPhones

Court documents reveal the making of Apple's strategy for iMessage domination.


How iPhone Has Changed the Way We Use Our Smartphones

Several big companies have in the past tried to ape iPhone features, but, have failed to recreate its experience

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Apple Logs Your iMessage Contacts and Could Share Them With Police

Phone numbers, time of contact and IP address are all game.


iMessage Can Now Run on Android - Well, Almost

With an open sourced code for a secure way to route iMessage running on an Android, we wait patiently for a standalone app