International Women's Day

Celebrating Women's Day With the Real Warriors

The American Oncology Institute has launched a campaign to salute the spirit of cancer survivors

A Helping Hand To Women Entrepreneurs

To boost the entrepreneurial ventures of women, the government of India offers a series of schemes. We have curated a list of eight such plans which are helping women in their businesses

Investors Catalysing Women's Representation In The Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

According to the World Bank, doubling the percentage of women in the workforce would boost India's growth rate from 7.5 per cent to 9 per cent and raise the country's GDP to $700 billion by 2025.

The Wow-Maniya Factor Of Men's Grooming Industry

On International Women's Day, we tell you about the leading ladies creating the wow factor for men

At 15 She Left Her Home And Slept On a Railway Platform. Today She Runs a Business With a Revenue of INR 35 Crore

If you look at the glamorous photos of Chinu Kala, founder of jewellery brand Rubans Accessories, on her Instagram feed, one could never guess that she has slept on a railway platform after leaving her house as a teenager. At the age of 15 years, the stubborn girl had a fight with her parents and decided to leave the shelter of her home armed with only a pair of slippers, one salwar suit and INR 300.

International Women's Day 2022: Filmmaker Radhika Lavu on breaking stereotypes

In a filmmaking community dominated by males, women leaders were rare and their role in films was framed around the concept of stereotypes. But over the last two decades there has been a change at various levels. One of the individuals who is part of this change is Radhika Lavu, Founder & MD, Ellanar Films.

Leveling The Playing Field For Female Entrepreneurs

Encouraging female entrepreneurs to kick start their journey has benefits that go beyond just boosting the global gross domestic product.

Jen Blandos

Can Work-From-Home Bring More Gender Parity In Employment?

Many employers, especially more agile and adaptive companies, have accepted the remote work or hybrid work model

S Shanthi

How to Ensure Opportunity and Equality for Women Entrepreneurs Beyond Women's History Month

Reversing the pandemic's devastating impact on women and gender equity will take a massive effort, which is why each one of us must take an active role if we are to succeed.

Rudina Seseri

7 Entrepreneurial Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Plus, powerhouse female leaders from Google, Pepsi, Etsy and Lilly Pulitzer share how they're marking March 8 this year.

About Success and About Possibilities

As per a report by Google and Bain & Company, women's entrepreneurship can potentially create over 30 million women-owned enterprises, and thereby create about 160-170 million new jobs in the country.

Sangita Reddy