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IOT: The Future of Mobile Apps Development

Hardware spending by consumers and businesses on IOT devices will total almost $3 trillion by 2020


What the Next 5 Years Look Like in The IOT Industry

Another focus area for the IoT industry is to retain and train talent with updated skillS


Human Intuition Is the Future of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Great opportunity awaits those who can 'teach' computers to process information more like a brain and less like a circuit board.


These Entrepreneurs are Making Offices Comfortable while Slashing Power Costs

It has managed to bag 10 contracts with corporate behemoths


Renault SYMBIOZ: A Connected Concept Car You Could Live In (Literally)

Renault is showcasing its new concept car SYMBIOZ -an electric, connected, and autonomous car that also doubles up as a home.


Future Of Manufacturing: How Industry 4.0 Is Taking Shape

A few years ago, this was an expensive privilege reserved for the few, today, in industry 4.0 these sensors have not only become smarter, but cheaper.

Science & Technology

No One Is Happier About Customer Service Chatbots Than the People They Are Designed to Replace

Customer service agents say they look forward to bots answering routine questions so they can deal with tougher customer problems.


25 Innovative IoT Companies and Products You Need to Know

The internet of things has an huge future but don't underestimate how much it is changing the world right now.

News and Trends

What Will the Future of Connected Homes Look Like ?

Our personal spaces are getting physically smaller, but growing virtually, thanks to the exponential boom in technology and connected devices

Starting a Business

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Making IoT More User-Friendly

A growing number of entrepreneurs are creating solutions that make it easier for devices to talk to one another.

Science & Technology

How Startups Can Capitalize on IoT's New Co-Economy

Collaboration is no longer an option.


How Small-Business Owners Should Be Using IoT

The internet of things can actually help small-business owners streamline their processes and work more efficiently.

Science & Technology

3 Major Enterprise App Improvements to Watch For

Design for the customers.


How IoT and Big Data Are Solving Problems in Educational Ecosystem

Big data on students helps in understanding which ones need individual attention and thus aids in adjusts lesson plans for future classes

Science & Technology

America's Obsession With the Automobile Is Changing With the Times

As cars become just another connected device, car ownership is no longer the powerful symbol of autonomy it has long been.