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Robots Are Here To Take The Jobs Professionals Love. Meet India's #5 Geniuses

With robotics technology growing at an explosive rate, it will be interesting to see how this new wave change our life in the future?

Starting a Business

How the Internet of Things Inspired a New Startup Niche

Is the next startup gold-rush in IoT home security?


5 Valentine's Day Gifts for the Wi-Fi Connected Love of Your Life

Love connects hearts. Wi-Fi connects everything else.


What Should You Expect in Mobile Technologies in 2017?

The beginning of 2017 sees numerous trends that the mobile technology may foray into.


Industrial Development & Its Role in Making Digital India: Join Intel India's Webcast with Mr. Jayesh Ranjan on Feb 3rd

Companies are increasingly investing in state-of-the-art incubation centers and technology to help them improvise on efficiency and thereby minimize operating costs.

Growth Strategies

This Industry Veteran Says India Will Become World Leader in IoT in 2-3 Years

"The way we are doing is that we are like a startup in a big tanker, this is a huge advantage," says Reliance Group's IoT unit's CEO.

Growth Strategies

Should India Copy East or West? Or Should it Create its Own Growth Story?

2016 was an eventful year for me. In the same year, I got the fortune to visit both the East and the West


Digital Transformation to Weave Engaging Customer Experience

Futuristic technology combined with tasteful customer experience is what has made digital transformation as a luring strategy for businesses


Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

As the Industrial Internet revolution comes closer to reality, GE's Narayanan is helping drive the creation of new value with market facing innovation at GE Global Research working with the GE businesses & customers.

Growth Strategies

Decoding Digital India & What It Means for Local Innovation and Startups: Join the #LetsTalkInnovation Live Cast on Jan 11th

Interact with MyGov CEO, Gaurav Dwivedi during the Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0 #LetsTalkInnovation Webcast. 11th Jan 2017, 11:00-12:30

Growth Strategies

Things An Entrepreneur Must Do To Embrace Technology at His Startup

Creating quite a buzz is virtual reality or augmented reality, which has paved the way for innovation with tech enthusiasts getting creative.


An AI & IoT Focused Fund Aims to Open New Avenues for Indian Entrepreneurs

Pi Ventures, is a venture fund focused on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT based out of India. Manish Singhal has been active in the startup ecosystem in India for several years.

Science & Technology

What 4 Experts Expect From This Year's CES

The show may dictate how the next year of technology will look.


Entrepreneurs Must Know About These #4 Sector-Focused Funds

From Agritech, AI to serving a niche category of the Indian economy; here's what these funds want in your business idea!


#6 Emerging Trends in the Logistics Space for 2017

The paradigm shift caused by the age of empowered consumers has forced supply chains to reinvent themselves. To appeal to new customer expectations, the supply chains will become more consumer-driven with efficient future demand prediction, to ensuring supply meets the predicted demand