Robots Are Here To Take The Jobs Professionals Love. Meet India's #5 Geniuses

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Robots will take our jobs sooner or later. This thought must have crossed your mind once. The rise of robots can lead to the growth of unemployment rates.Every big company today from Infosys to Wipro is replacing its workers with robots. As robots have started going mainstream, startups are coming up with concepts or products that can be used in healthcare, homecare, lifestyle and education. India is also trying to catch up to the international competition with some noteworthy companies working in the field of robotics.


With robotics technology growing at an explosive rate, it will be interesting to see how this new wave change our life in the future?

Lets takes a look at five interesting robots in India:

Meet Miko, India's First Companion Robot For Kids:

Miko, created by Mumbai-based Emotix is a little robot that can entertain a child by talking, educating, responding and playing with them. Priced at Rs.19000, the companion robot is developed by a team of roboticists, academicians, and neuropsychologists led by 3 IIT post-graduates with an in-depth background in robotics. The robot doesn't need Internet for many of these features - it can play a game, or even hold a basic conversation offline

Nao Robot powered by IBM Watson :

NAO, powered by IBM Watson has continually been evolving since the beginning of his adventure in 2006. Nao (pronounced now) is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French robotics company headquartered in Paris. Japanese Internet and telecommunication giant Softbank had acquired Aldebaran for $100 million in 2013. NAO belongs to the family of programmable, autonomous humanoid robots .It is currently in its 5th version is fully equipped with modern sensor.

Humanoid Robot for Customer Interaction:

Mitra developed by Bengaluru startup Invento Tech is a 4.5 feet tall humanoid that interacts with humans through natural ways - voice and vision. It recognizes speech and then converts that to actionable information. In the first phase, the startup is targeting specific industries to pilot with like office receptions, malls and Hotels.

A Chai - robot that Makes Tea for You :

Making a delicious cup of tea is a delicate process that only the few people around the world appreciate. A connected smart Chai-robot from Chaipoint replicates how tea is made in India by using machine learning .It's a robot that makes tea – not from tea-bags but straight from tea leaves, brewed the way one would by hand. The cafe chain also launched, a cloud-based beverage services platform, which includes fully automatic and IOT enabled dispensers.

A Humanoid Robot Assistant Offering Help to Customers:

The private lender HDFC Bank has deployed IRA, its interactive humanoid, at the Kamala Mills branch in Mumbai. IRA, which stands for Intelligent Robotic Assistant is developed in partnership with Asimov Robotics, a start-up based in Kochi. The robot will greet customers and guide them to the various counters at the branch.