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Industrial Robotics Company Ati Motors Secures $10.85 Million In Series A Funding

The funding will empower Ati Motors to expand into markets in the US, South East Asia, Japan, and Europe while exploring untapped opportunities across pharmaceuticals, chemicals, maritime, and injection molding sectors

Science & Technology

How Robots and AI Are Transforming the Surgery Room

Robotic devices and artificial intelligence are being increasingly incorporated into healthcare institutions across the world.


Save $93 on This Mini AI Robotics Arm and Software

Designed for AI robotics learners, the Mirobot arm is a teaching tool.

Science & Technology

Learn the Basics and Start a Career as a Robotics Engineer With This Learning Kit

This mini robot arm could be the start of your robotics business.

Science & Technology

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The World in 2023

As we continue to see high rates of positions needing to be filled in 2023, AI is likely going to see quick adoption, development and more.

Science & Technology

Should We Start Treating Robots Like People?

Robots are getting smarter, faster and more human-like every day: they can recognize faces, understand our emotions, drive cars and even operate on patients. So why aren't we treating them like us?

Buying / Investing in Business

Miso Robotics' Global Expansion Provides a 17x Bigger Opportunity for Investors

Top U.S. fast-food brands like Jack in the Box have already adopted Miso's food-frying and drinking-pouring robots. Now, Miso's landed a new international partner as the company sets its sights overseas.


Meet the Founder of the Golden Era of Robotics

Learn about the CEO helping scale a $500M food robotics titan and pioneering a new era of automation.

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The Company Pioneering the Golden Age of Robotics

Automation is growing and this startup is ready.

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Global Consumer Service Robotics Market Grew 25 Per Cent In 2021: Report

The growth was driven by the change in the consumer preference, advances in technology and the availability of a wide variety of affordable products

News and Trends

Amazon To Develop New Consumer Robotics Software Development Centre In India

The Indian centre will help Amazon's international robotics division that launched its first robot Astro, last year

Science & Technology

How to Use AI to Increase Business and Make Customers Happy

A teacher of artificial intelligence engineering at Columbia and NYU is adamant: Taking a human approach with your customers can set your company apart.

Buying / Investing in Business

You Can Invest in the Robotics Company That Aims to Save the $73B Fast Food Industry

Miso Seeks investors as robots come to improve fast food.

Business News

UiPath Stock is Nearing Rock Bottom Down Here

Robotic process automation (RPA) platform provider UiPath (NASDAQ: PATH) stock has been getting crushed to new lows ever since hitting highs of $90 nearly a year ago.

Science & Technology

Get Ready for How AI Will Change the Ways We Work in 2022 and Beyond

Machine learning and other AI applications can radically advance both business success and human happiness by eliminating drudgery and repetitive jobs, but adapting to it in the executive realms means savvy hiring and retraining.