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5 Security Trends to Watch in 2020

From people to products, the cybersecurity industry is advancing at a rapid pace.

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These Were The Most-Used E-Commerce Apps In Southeast Asia In Q3

A study recently showed that Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia were the most-used e-commerce apps in Southeast Asia

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How Entrepreneurs Are Connecting the World With IoT

Several visionary companies are seizing on the boundless potential of the Internet of Things.

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How This IoT Start-up is Leveraging Deep Tech to Ensure Individuals' Safety

IoT-based GPS tracking platform Letstrack is looking to raise $8-$10 million in Pre-Series A round of funding

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Here's Lenovo's Comeback Plan to the Indian Mobile Market

The Chinese company has been working on 'smarter' technology, according to Rahul Agarwal, MD & CEO of Lenovo India


Here's How Home Automation has Brought the Age of Science Fiction to us

From the humble thermostat, the next wave of home automation is in the form of home security devices like door cameras, video doorbell, sensor cams and the likes. The revolution has just begun.


Thinking Smart, Lenovo Forays into Commercial IoT & Security Solutions

Leading the way towards intelligent transformation for enterprises, Lenovo launches new range of solutions for enterprises


Smart Living: Here's How IoT and AI are Set to Revolutionize the Way We Live and Work

Smart Living via automation, IoT, AI and even Voice Assistants have integrated themselves to serve both basic needs and more luxurious conveniences.

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8 Ways IoT Devices Can Improve Your Business Office

Automation and internet-connected products can lead to a happier and more connected workplace.


What Does IoT Mean to India? (Infographic)

Let's understand the awareness and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on day-to-day lives


A Safer and More Environment-friendly Planet is no Longer a Dream

What was once a hyped up dream is a reality today, and connected innovation with extremely low power sensors is starting to benefit every part of our incredible planet

Growth Strategies

Why are Health and Wellness Startups Flourishing?

All these factors have significantly helped startups to flourish in the health and wellness verticals


What Potential Threat could IoT bring to the Networks?

Although IoT is the next big thing and will continue to grow, the risk associated can't be avoided


4 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Global Logistics

This is how Blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) will provide end to end visibility of the cargo


The Importance of Marrying IoT to Consumer Products for Ease of Life

Untangling Connectivity: How IoT in consumer products helping users simplify their lives