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Mama Mia! The Venice Canals Are Running Dry.

Low tides are making it impossible for gondolas to pass through some of the famous Italian canals.

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A Man Went To Italy For Pizza and the Entire Trip Cost Him Less Than One Domino's Pizza -- Here's How He Did It

Influencer Callum Ryan pulled off the seemingly impossible on a recent adventure to Milan, Italy.

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This U.S.-Made Pasta Brand Claims to Be 'Italy's No. 1 Brand of Pasta.' Now They're Facing Legal Trouble

After two customers purchased Barilla pasta under the impression it was made in Italy, they are taking action.


Adventure Trips a CEO Must Take

Jobs of CEOs are unimaginably hectic and in order to rejuvenate from such hectic schedules, here is a list of trips that help them rejuvenate

Thought Leaders

This Is What It's Like to Drive the Ferrari Hatchback, the World's Most Practical Supercar

Cutting-edge versatility meets old-school power in the GTC4Lusso.

Starting a Business

4 Reasons Why Starting Up in Italy Is a Nightmare

Red tape and a lack of startup culture pose serious problems for Italy's entrepreneurs.

Starting a Business

How This Brand is Fighting Language Barriers in Asia

The company believes the model of face to face content provides significant results in terms of learning progress when compared to any online English speaking course.

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Uber Must Leave Italy in 10 Days After Nationwide Ban

It can no longer advertise its services or operate in the country.

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Italy Debating Bill to Require Paid Menstrual Leave

The proposed policy could potentially lead to repercussions, however.


Autography App Lets Visitors Leave Their Mark At Florence's Cathedral Without Graffiti

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore, the organization in-charge of preserving Florence's monuments, is inviting tourists to leave a lasting mark on the cathedral (yes, you read that right), but on a digital surface.


Starbucks to Open Stores in Italy

'We're going to try, with great humility and respect, to share what we've been doing and what we've learned through our first retail presence in Italy," CEO Howard Schultz says.

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Amazon's Loan Program for Sellers Expands Into New Markets

Amazon Lending, its business loan program for small sellers, will be available in eight more countries later this year.


Tag Teaming Efforts Encourage Qatari Investments In Italian Endeavors

The Italian Chamber of Commerce has proved to be a reliable gateway for Italian entrepreneurs to approach business opportunities in Qatar