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Stop the Ever-Expanding Job Description from Hurting Your Company

Wordy job descriptions may look impressive at first, but they can also discourage that talented candidate from even applying.

Growing a Business

What's My Job, Again? The Fine Art of Crafting the Job Description

Don't settle for a mediocre job listing. Attract the ideal candidate by following this job listing advice.

Thought Leaders

Adopt a 'Success Profile' Strategy to Attract and Retain Talent in Today's Tight Labor Market

To boost talent acquisition, workplace performance and staff retention, the same-old job descriptions need to make way for more versatile and dynamic "success profiles."

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Top 10 Best Free Job Posting Sites

Why pay when you can connect with high-quality applicants for free?


5 Tasks That Should Be Part of Your Job Description As the CEO

Make sure you're responsible for these five activities, and you'll watch your business grow.

Growth Strategies

Writing JDs That Really Work

Job descriptions can be helpful tools for both every day and legal reasons

Growth Strategies

Getting Your Resume Right is an Art. #5 Must Dos for Every Job Aspirant

Not a story, a job seeker needs to draft his career summary and skills to land that one life-changing opportunity

Making a Change

Not Enough Experience on Your Resume? Rise Above 'Requirements'

Only a unicorn ticks every box of a recruiter's job description. Skills and experience aren't all acquired only at work. You are more than a mere list of your employers and what you did for them. When in doubt, apply anyway.


7 Ways to Intrigue an Audience That Knows Nothing About You or Your Job

Every job has its own incoherent jargon that only insiders know. Sifting that out and thinking back to when you were a newbie can help you make what you do intelligible to those who don't yet know.

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How to Hire a Controller for Your Company

You need a number cruncher, but you want to figure in the right qualities and qualifications. Here's what to do.

Operations & Logistics

6 Benefits of Writing Job Descriptions for Your Business

Beyond recruiting purposes, you can these analyses to develop and train employees, set compensation and decrease legal liability.

Growing a Business

Why Most Companies Never Hire the Perfect Person for the Job

Trying to find the 'total package' is the last thing you should do.

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How to Hire Without Spending a Fortune. (Hint: Use Social Media.)

Recruit new employees for your startup in a cash-conscious style. Learn about five tools for staffing up without significant budget outlays.

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Avoid Costly Churn. Provide Candidates a Realistic Job Preview.

Find a mutual match between your company and prospective employees by using these tools to grant a fuller picture of the organization -- and the job seekers.