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These Are the 10 Most Profitable Cities for Airbnb Hosts, According to a New Report

Here's where Airbnb property owners and hosts are making the most money.

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Renters on a Budget Should Look in These 27 Cities Where Apartment Prices Are Plunging

Apartment prices have been driven down by surging supply.


With An Incredible INR 2,042 crore, Shiv Nadar Is The Biggest Philanthropist in India

Although it's the rich list were always talking about, increasingly, it seems philanthropy seems to catching up in a significant way in India.


How to Harness the Remarkable Power of a "To Don't" List

This list will allow you to spend less time on the things that aren't really important and more time on the things that require attention.

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Who Was the Highest-Paid Entertainer of 2022? It's Not Who You Think.

A new list of last year's biggest earners had some real surprises.

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20 States That Are Better Than Florida For Retirees

Florida has been a popular state for people to retire to but Rhode Island, Delaware, and Ohio may also be great states for retirees.


10 Quotes to Help You Survive the Holidays

Baked fresh from us to you: A festive batch of wise and witty words to cling to, all season long. Happy holidays.

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10 Surprising Facts About Bill Gates

There are a lot of things about one of the wealthiest men in the U.S. that you probably didn't know.


How a Handwritten Core Values List Can Make You a Great Leader

This simple habit will help you realign your values and prioritize your goals.

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5 Things You Don't Know About Elon Musk

There's much more to the brainiac rocket man than Mars, money and machines.


5 Authors Whose Wisdom Can Help Get You Unstuck

If you want to change the trajectory of your life, start today with some inspiration from others who have gone before you.


3 Simple Things You Can Do to Build a Healthy, Thriving Email List

Your list is only as good as the number of real people on it.


12 Ways Successful People Handle Toxic People

To deal with toxic people effectively, you need an approach that enables you to control what you can and eliminate what you can't.


Three Ways to Build a To-Do List That Actually Keeps You On Task

We asked three entrepreneurs how they stay on task. Here are three styles of to-do lists that actually work.

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50 Signs You Need to Start Your Own Business

An entrepreneurial type reads the signals and suddenly realizes it's time to make the leap and ready a launch.