The Digital Pharmacist

My vision is to make API Holdings the largest digital healthcare platform in India, which will act as a holistic healthcare ecosystem for every Indian, across the length and breadth of India: Siddharth Shah


The Coaching Coaches

Classplus has digitized over 1 lakh educators across 3000 cities who are using an app powered by Classplus to teach 25 million students and multiply their earnings 5-6X by reaching out to students beyond their immediate neighborhoods.

News and Trends

What Does the Year Hold For India's Fitness Sector?

India's fitness industry is rapidly transforming and is expected to reach $32 billion by the next year


Ankur Jain on Building a High Performance Culture at Bira 91

Over the last 6 years, Bira 91 has scaled the business across the country, expanded the portfolio to 7 beers, and opened its first Limited Release Taproom in Bangalore.

Growth Strategies

Ajinkya Rahane and his Investment Mantra

India's cool and calm stand in captain, Ajinkya Rahane is never off pressure, which made him stay humble and focus on his game. In this interaction with Entrepreneur, he shares his rise as the son of the soil, his recent startup investments and the hardwork and discipline which drive his life.


7 Useful Tips To Work Out At Home

Work hard, train harder! Simple tips for entrepreneurs working out at home.


My Values Are Built Around Humble Beginnings: Sonu Sood

The engineer-next-door from Moga ventures into acting and makes a mark as a Bollywood hunk. Now venturing into entrepreneurship, read along to find out what he recalls about his journey and shares about his vision


The Rise Of the D2C Market In 2020: What Can We Expect for 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have invited tough times for quite a few verticals but only allowed this sector's accelerated growth by bringing a sudden shift in consumer behaviour and compelling brands to reconsider their business strategies to serve their customers better

Growth Strategies

How the Liquor Industry Can Work On Its Revival And the Path Ahead

The liquor industry incurred a huge loss during the COVID-19 led lockdown pandemic and countrywide lockdown

Business News

Peru Opened Machu Picchu for a Single Tourist Who Got Stuck in Lockdown

Jesse Katayama came to Peru in mid-March to see the ancient Inca site, just as the COVID-19 pandemic shut it down.

Growth Strategies

Washout Or Opportunity: How D2C Startups Have Risen Through the Lockdown

The advent of digital has allowed a new class of brands to evolve

News and Trends

Covid-19 Led GDP Contraction of India Steepest Among Major Economies

In comparison to the G7 nations-France, Italy, Japan, Germany, the US, Canada and the UK- India has reported steepest fall in economic growth in the April-June quarter of this fiscal year

Growth Strategies

Pandemic: An Opportunity For Tech Start-Ups To Succeed In Disguise?

The key to marvel throughout the 'lockdown' of outgoing opportunities is to build and train the team to master the art of 'home ground battle' for tech survival