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Here's How These Technologies Have Changed the Digital Content Business in India

Here's how a personal connection between the content creator and the consumer is established that leads to transparency and ease of access to the original content

Science & Technology

How Algorithms Can Predict Our Intentions Faster Than We Can

Every trace we leave online allows NLP to track and predict our future decisions.


Why AI and Humans Are Stronger Together Than Apart

They work together to double check for errors and help augment each others' capabilities

News and Trends

Now Luxury Brands Are Eyeing Cryptocurrencies

Several companies have started accepting the digital asset to tap into a new pool of wealth


What Can Drive Insurtech Revolution in India?

Here's how Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, ML are all waiting to disrupt the insurance sector


Why Digital Supply Networks Matter to Private Companies

Businesses can take advantage of the machine learning capabilities of AI to learn complex patterns, forecast demand and automate some of the decision-making in the supply chain


Intuition or Data: How Do Venture Capital Investors Evaluate Investment Opportunities?

The popularity of artificial intelligence and machine learning has led to whole new way of doing business


The Learning Landscape for 2019

Here are some key trends that one can expect from the world of learning this year

Science & Technology

Launch a Career as a Data Scientist for Less Than $50

Take a deep dive into machine learning and data analysis across eight courses and 48 hours of content.

News and Trends

How Retail Sector is Going to Roll Out in 2019?

The retail sector has caught the fancy of the market pandits and business gurus because of its robust expansion; it's time to forecast what awaits in 2019


Three Ways AI is Reshaping the Music Business

It's time for the industry to discuss how the technology can be used to improve quality, speed, functionality, and even drive top line revenue and creative growth in 2019 and beyond


How this Adtech Firm uses AI to Ensure Audience sees Relevant In-video Ads

The digital tool can identify brand logos, faces, emotions and objects, but what about consumer's privacy?


E-commerce Technology Trends That Will Take Center Stage In 2019

Looking forward to 2019, we can see that technology and the way in which it is implemented in the daily functions in the e-commerce industry


How Technology Startups are Re-Designing Healthcare Delivery Model in India

Telemedicine along with digital medical devices, that negates the need for human intervention, has proven to be an effective model in delivering healthcare solutions to rural locations

Growth Strategies

Tailor-Made For Perfection

As a brand, Raymond has been helping men suit up since 1925. But do you know when its first store opened?