Business News

Positive Marijuana Drug Tests in the American Workforce Hit a 25-Year High

A new report found that 4.3% of American workers tested positive for marijuana in 2022, the highest level since 1997.


Este productor colombiano de cannabis está redoblando las prácticas de regeneración

Colombia es promesa en la industria del cannabis mundial, pero ¿cómo está en términos de sostenibilidad? Dos productores cuentan la apuesta que hacen en por el territorio.

Health & Wellness

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Pay Attention to Their Mental Health

To steady the chaos of the world, we must start by steadying our minds.


Por qué los emprendedores deben prestar atención a su salud mental

Para estabilizar el caos del mundo, debemos comenzar por estabilizar nuestras mentes.

News and Trends

Asia 2020: 5 Things to Watch Out for in the Healthcare Sector

2020 will be about bringing health care to everyone in an easily accessible way, using tech to solve problems, and the year medical marijuana finally jumps off the diving board in Asia

Growth Strategies

Cannabis Legalization: Why India Needs to Capitalize the Billionaire Dollar Crop in its Backyard

If you are wondering – are we out of our minds? Absolutely not!

Science & Technology

6 Mind-Blowing Tech Trends Shaping the Next Decade

From quantum mechanics to psychedelics, the six major forces that will impact our lives over the coming decades

Business News

Georgia Could Become the First Country to Export Legal Marijuana

Overseas cannabis sales could pump hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the Georgian economy.

Starting a Business

The Billion-Dollar Business of CBD (Infographic)

And the industry is only getting bigger.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk Takes Tesla One Toke Over the Line

Tesla stock dropped precipitously after Musk inhaled once on a livestreamed podcast.

Starting a Business

The Hemp Business Is Booming (Infographic)

Looking for a new business idea? Take a look at the hemp industry.


5 Things That Spell Success for Hemp Entrepreneurs

Potential of Hemp can not be ignored as it has proved it's potential worldwide

Growth Strategies

How Hemp can Help India Achieve its Sustainable Development Goals

Let's explore how an innovative hemp based business could establish a well-rounded circular economy


"I have never read a book in my entire life or watched TV in 11 years"

From smoking pot to downloading illegal music, CEOs share their truest moments