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Product Innovation: The Untapped Opportunity in Medical Technology

The MedTech industry in India is estimated to be INR 50-70,000 crore, growing briskly at 15per cent annually and is expected to reach Rs.150,000 crores by 2025

Siraj Dhanani

The Sole Maker

Shapecrunch is a healthcare AI and 3D printing startup that makes custom 3D printed insoles by scanning the feet with just three pictures on the smartphone app

5 Ways Social Media Revolutionized Medical Care

Medical care services, especially hospitals, are utilizing online networking channels to build up a rapport, establish contact with their patients, answer inquiries regarding practices, perform community outreach and launching public awareness campaigns

The New Age Technique for the Healthcare Sector

It is ironical is that the health professionals or physicians or specialist are treating lifestyle diseases the exact same way as they were treating infectious diseases i.e drugs, medicines & pills and that needs to change

Karan Kakkad

Trends that will Dominate Medical Tourism in India in 2018

One of the key trends in 2018 will be consumers accessing mobile health applications or consulting their doctors online

#4 Reasons why India is the Next Big Destination for Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Thanks to advancement in technology, healthcare can now be made more affordable and accessible to a large part of the Indian population

Sumeet Aggarwal

Why HealthTech in India Needs Financial Inclusion

Medical emergency funds need to be encouraged in times of rising costs

Agamoni Ghosh

Online Health Care - Challenges Faced and How We Can Make a Win-win Situation

Health portals should keep provision for people to browse online with the assistance of quality doctors

Take A Chill Pill

The start-up wants to take it to only proof-of concept level which means limited sales and then license it to a bigger player that can take it up for further manufacturing and distribution globally.

Sandeep Soni

It's Time To Digitize Your Medical Records

EMR is a digital version that documents patient's medical history, data gets added with every visit to a physician

Panduranga Rao

Digitizing Healthcare: How Technology is Improving Medical Care

Medical technology is a diverse field where innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health.