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Science & Technology

How Remote Care Combats the Medical-Staff Burnout Crisis

Telemedicine is helping to battle the post-pandemic medical staffing crisis.

Growth Strategies

Innovation Set To Drive Growth In the Medical Devices Market In 2020

Diagnostic equipment contributes to the major chunk of the global market share, while in India the biggest contribution comes from the equipment and instruments category


This Former IITian has Bridged the Gap Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wrig Nanaosytem was formed in late 2014 after two-and-a-half years of rigorous product development

News and Trends

Innovative Trends that Will Transform Healthcare Industry In 2018

Technology has been developing at a fast pace and will be considered as a reliable tool for long-term health monitoring systems.


How to Make a Million -- Even a Billion -- Dollars Commercializing Your Great Idea and Questioning Conventional Wisdom

A heart surgeon who pioneered a life-saving new medical device first challenged conventional wisdom as a medical student 28 years ago.

News and Trends

#4 Reasons why India is the Next Big Destination for Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Thanks to advancement in technology, healthcare can now be made more affordable and accessible to a large part of the Indian population