Mental well-being

Innovative Strategies to Achieve Workplace Wellness

Consider Somavedic and their 'Harmonized Space' program as your partner for a calm, focused work environment.

What Does the Year Hold For India's Fitness Sector?

India's fitness industry is rapidly transforming and is expected to reach $32 billion by the next year

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Corporate organizations must focus on holistic wellbeing

How to Predict Your Burnout and How to Cool Down

Mirages of 'success' will lure you to walk faster but internally these made up illusions of goals we fixate on, will deplete the very same energy that would be needed to participate in your own race

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10 Delicious Foods to Feed Both Body and Mind

Your brain isn't a computer, it's an organ of your body that gets stronger or weaker depending upon how you feed it.

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Redefine Your Personal Self in a New Avatar: A Psychologist's View

While focusing on yourself this year, take some time out to make relationships your priority as well

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Mental health: Why It's Not About the New Year

The transition from one year to another gives us a chance to Recharge, Renew, Reset

Why Well-being, Wellness and Mental Well-being Should Be Part of Your Daily Dialogue

As a small business operator you should build well-being into your business processes.