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Introducing 'Touch' In the Metaverse

Our aim is to help people connect over the metaverse and to provide our customers with experiences they won't be able to forget: Sly Lee

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How European Restauranteurs Can Use the Metaverse

It's all about creating customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and increasing profits.


The June 2022 Edition Of Dtec Forum Explored How Entrepreneurs Can Tap Into Opportunities In The NFT Space

The #DtecForum explored opportunities in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape, as well as its current usability in various sectors, and practical insights on how entrepreneurs can leverage it to bolster their respective businesses.


What Metaverse Standards Forum Means For the Space

The first step for metaverse standardization has been taken. The road to metaverse is done but what lies ahead?

News and Trends

Airtel Launches Xstream Multiplex In Partynite Metaverse Platform

The platform has now more than two million paid users and can stream the content in mobiles as well as large screens

Business News

Where is Video Advertising Heading?

Going further into 2022 and looking forward to 2023, we can expect to see these key developments in AdTech and Connected TV in particular.

Science & Technology

Priced Out of Real-Life Homes? Don't Miss Your Digital Chance Too

Ownership of digital real estate in the metaverse is rising quickly. Don't miss out!

Science & Technology

Don't Fear the Metaverse — We've Been Through This Before

Metaverse advertising is the Wild West, and getting a head start toward future success means making these moves now.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

How NFTs Drive Brand Engagement and Opportunity

Whether we're ready or not, NFTs are changing the consumer market and will continue to do so in the future. Here's how they've done it.

Science & Technology

3 Ways to Reimagine Trust for Web3 Games and Metaverse

Web2 brought targeted advertising where privacy became a thing of the past. Web3 allows users to remain anonymous and gives them more control over their data. What are the pros and cons?

Science & Technology

Metaverse: Erasing Barriers of Age and Ability

The metaverse brings renewed hope that our physical bodies will no longer restrict our exploration of the universe, and that the only limitation we may soon face is our imagination.

Science & Technology

5 Technologies That Will Shape the Metaverse's Future

The metaverse is one of the most significant trends in the technological landscape for the next several decades, and these five technologies will be extremely important in its future.


Jordan-Based Streetwear Brand Jobedu Gets Acquired By US-Based Web3 Platform Novajax

Jobedu, a Middle East streetwear Arab pop culture lifestyle brand based in Jordan, has been acquired by US-based Web3 platform Novajax for an undisclosed amount.

Science & Technology

How Big-Name Sneaker Brands Are Racing Into the Metaverse

Web3 is opening up new opportunities for industries to better serve their customers, (specifically companies that specialize in kicks).