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The New Face of Money: How Banks are Leveraging Metaverse for Good

Banks have long banked on two phenomena- if they can get the attention of customers when they are young, they can hold on to them for life and the customer-executive relation in a traditional physical space. But with time, the sector has aced spotting which change to adapt and which to avoid. Safe to say, they have been open to the adoption of Metaverse and virtual realities in their systems.

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Animoca Brands Raise $20 Million for Mocaverse

With the funds, Mocaverse will work towards launching Moda ID, a non-transferrable NFT collection, which will allow users to develop their on-chain identities and participate in the Mocaverse ecosystem.

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SBI Life Insurance Launches Its 'LifeVerse Studio'; Marks the Entry To Metaverse

The initiative aims to connect, empower and engage with today's new age consumers and reshape brand interactions


How Virtual World is Making Real World Sustainable

Metaverse, as a concept and practicality, has pushed for an unknown feature it harbours- to make companies and their users adopt sustainability in some aspects of life.


How Web 3.0 Will Open Up New Frontiers in Public Relations

Web 3.0 technologies have the potential to revolutionize channels of communication and audience engagement for public relations professionals.

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Mark Zuckerberg's Meta Laid Off 21,000 Employees. Now It's Reportedly Rehiring Many of Them Who Belong to This Group — Here's Why.

The company's hiring has "quietly picked up in certain areas," according to a recent report.

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Mindler Collaborates With HRX To Launch Corporate Experience Program On Metaverse And Web 3.0

The program offers students an opportunity to upskill themselves through a hybrid learning program that focuses on Metaverse Marketing, Blockchain, NFT and Crypto, Brand Management, and Social Media Marketing among other core skills


Unlocking the Potential: Why Metaverse Gaming and Gamefi Should Be on Investors Radar

The metaverse provides a new economic moat in the gaming arena and hence, looks lucrative to VCs. With lesser phone asset space being utilized, gamers can meet new users in the metaverse and create a parallel existence.

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IIT Delhi To Launch Certification In Web 3.0, Social Media And Metaverse Programme

The programme is specially designed for graduates from any background seeking a career in the Web 3.0, social media, or Metaverse domains, as well as professionals in the software and IT industry seeking to gain Web 3.0 or Metaverse expertise to apply it in their respective fields

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Can AI Help Accelerate Metaverse?

The star technology, AI promises to boost up the Metaverse as companies start shelving off their virtual world projects

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Punjab National Bank Launches Virtual Branch In Metaverse

The bank will offer an immersive 3D experience to the customers while performing traditional banking activities through their digital avatars

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The Metaverse And The Rise Of Generative Artificial Intelligence: How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Virtual Worlds

With the current pace of technological developments, it may be hard to know where to focus your attention.

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Binance-backed AlterVerse Partners with for Digital Lands

According to the official release, the partnership is expected to strike a chord with the communities of AlterVerse and, establishing the inevitability of gaming in the Web 3.0 arena.


A New Report Published By Consensys In Partnership With Entrepreneur Middle East Explores "Opportunities in Web3"

Web3 is being hailed as "the future of the internet," and the next big technological revolution.