Michael Dell

Dell Launches Effort Supporting UN's 'Goal 8' to Enhance Global Entrepreneurship

The tech company kicks off what it calls thew Global Entrepreneurship Call to Action.

Jason Fell

· 3 min read

Google, Michael Dell Just Invested $60 Million on This

The groups are betting on a very musical future.

Evelyn Cheng

· 5 min read

War of Words: After HP Announces Split, Dell Swipes Back

Dell's statement disparaging HP's decision mirrors a similar statement HP put out regarding Dell's leveraged buyout last year.

· 3 min read

After Going Private, Entrepreneur Michael Dell Isn't Looking Back

Tech giant Dell has been 'expanding, investing like never before.'

Deborah Findling

· 2 min read

5 Takeaways From Michael Dell and Elon Musk's Power Pow-Wow

Lessons from two of technology's greatest (if not controversial) entrepreneurs.

Rebekah Iliff

· 4 min read

Michael Dell

Taking The Direct Approach

· 9 min read