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How The Right CFO Can Help Scale Middle East Startups For Success

The CFO role will be critical to empower Middle East startups with full functional leadership that not only ensures an effective finance function, but scales the business in a region that is ready to reward success.


Here Are The 20 Startups Selected For The Eighth Cohort Of The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator Program

The final participants of the year-long program were selected from over 200 applicants from across 35 countries.


H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Inaugurates Dubai AI Campus Cluster At DIFC Innovation Hub

Phase one of the Dubai AI Campus cluster is a 10,000-square-foot space, and has already been completed with over 75 businesses registered.


Nurturing Connections: UBQT Co-Founders Jonathan L. Hasson And Lara Varjabedian

Jonathan L. Hasson and Lara Varjabedian, co-founders of UAE-born social networking app UBQT, are on a mission to help people reconnect in-person with those who (really) matter.


The Courage Of Conviction: Asam Khan, Founder And CEO, AstraUTM

Asam Khan, founder and CEO of UAE-based drone traffic management platform AstraUTM, tells the story of how he built a venture that was acquired by Paris-based multinational Thales in May this year.

Women Entrepreneur®

Here Are The Shortlisted Nominees Of The Mastercard Women SME Leaders Awards 2024

The nominees have been selected following a rigorous vetting process by the Entrepreneur Middle East team, as well as a judging committee chaired by Mastercard and industry leaders.

Growth Strategies

Cultivating A Growth Mindset: Strategies For Personal And Professional Development

By helping nurture meaningful relationships and embracing life the way it unfolds, cultivating a growth mindset is a must for personal and professional growth.


Emirates Inks Partnership With HiDubai To Strengthen Dubai's SME Ecosystem

Under this agreement, Emirates will reach out to and engage with over 180,000 SMEs on the HiDubai platform.


Work It Out: Epson AM-C400

Its C-shaped paper path and compact size makes AM-C400 ideal for environments that demand a highly reliable, productive device, but where space is limited.

Growth Strategies

Here's How Generative Artificial Intelligence Can Help Deliver A Cleaner Future For Our Planet

With the journey to net-zero emissions demanding radical transformations in how we produce, consume, and live, GenAI is arguably one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology at our disposal.

Growth Strategies

The Business Case For The Integration Of Women In Labor Markets

We must free half of Arabic societies from constraints that prevent women from contributing to the prosperity and growth of Arab economies, and shield the countries of the region against risks and causes of chronic de-development.

Women Entrepreneur®

Leading The Charge: Making The Case For Why Entrepreneurs Need To Introduce Innovation In The Menopause Care Market

Five female health and wellness experts share their insights on how entrepreneurs can introduce much needed innovation into menopausal healthcare- in the UAE and beyond.

Growth Strategies

How GCC Countries Can Build A Talent Model For The Digital Age

A new digital talent model is vital to digital economy growth. It will take years to build, but it is a process that must begin immediately to ensure future prosperity.

Growth Strategies

Unicorns Vs. Zebras: Rethinking What Counts For Entrepreneurial Success In The MENA Region

Unlike unicorns, which prioritize rapid growth and sky-high valuations, zebras focus on sustainability, profitability, and social impact.


Abu Dhabi-Based VGLNT Launches The Middle East's First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Fact-Checking Tool

As VGLNT takes the lead in combating misinformation and promoting accuracy, the UAE solidifies its position as a pioneer in shaping the future of technology and innovation on a global scale.