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Acorn Pacific Ventures' VC On What's Hot & What's Not In Asia Right Now

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific interviewed Acorn Pacific Ventures' Peter Hsieh on what's caught his eye in Asia at the moment, and what he looks for in a startup while investing

This VC Takes A More Humanistic Approach to Investing In Startups

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific spoke to Hans Tung of GGV Capital on what's buzzing in Asia at the moment

Global Leaders Will Emerge from India In IoT Domain, says This VC

For Samir Kumar, Partner at Inventus Capital, investment in the technology sector has yielded best returns.

This VC Believes an Investor's Role Goes Much Beyond Providing Funds

Vinay Singh, partner at Fireside Ventures, says a VC can play a role of a devil's advocate for the betterment of any start-up

This VC believes in funding start-ups at the seed stage

Navin Honagudi, partner at Kae Capital, says it is hardest to raise money at the early stages.

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'Acquisition is a sign of success and should not be perceived negatively'

According to Dhianu Das of Alfa Ventures, over 70 per cent of the companies that are successful get acquired
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This VC Believes India Can Dominate the World in Deep-Tech Innovation

Manish Singhal, founding partner, Pi Ventures, hopes the fund will play a significant role in bringing about a disruption using artificial intelligence
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'The More Niche, the Better,' Says This Asian VC

"Those first moments when companies start thinking about raising capital for the purpose of regional expansion has been our focus for the last nine years," says Levit
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Burman Family Office Believes in Investing for the Next Generation

Burman Family Holdings, family office of Dabur India, has been investing in businesses to build wealth beyond Dabur.
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This Southeast Asian Investors Looks For Founders Who Can Sell Their Idea Well

Golden Gate Ventures' Partner, Justin Hall, says logistics and social commerce sectors currently have his attention
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Companies Solving Big Problems With Easy Solutions Is What This VC Looks For

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific interviewed Chua Joo Hock, managing partner at Vertex Ventures, about his investing philosophy, and what excites him about the Asian startup space
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Mariwalas Looking at Start-ups to Broaden Investment Portfolio

The family office of Harsh Mariwala-Sharrp Ventures managed by his son Rishabh Mariwala-is building a well-rounded portfolio of start-ups
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This VC Firm Stays Ahead By Identifying Trends Before They Become Popular

As an early-stage venture capital firm, Kalaari invests in new trends that they think would bring change and cause disruption across sectors
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Patni Family Office is Betting Big on Tech Start-ups

Apart from the family office RAAY Global Investments, Amit Patni has set up three venture capitalist funds to invest in tech start-ups
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The Damani Family Office Invests in Startups Focused on Serving 'Bharat'

Anirudh Damani of Artha India Ventures is scouting for startups that are serving customers in smaller cities