Money Managers


Why Middle Managers Are a Company's Hidden Superpower

Middle managers have the ability to support and enhance your organizational success.


If Innovation Is Foundation, Investment Is Pillar

Vishesh Rajaram believes that the cost of capital has increased and hence both users of capital, founder or startups and allocators of capital, will change the behavior on how they use or allocate capital

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Betting on Early Stage at all Times

Anurag Ramdasan, partner, 3one4 Capital believes that markets have definitely slowed down a bit due to the macro conditions, but in the Indian ecosystem, there's a lot of dry powder in the early stage


The Exit Multipliers are Changing

In an exclusive interaction with Entrepreneur India, Subrata Mitra, Partner at ACCEL shares his perspective on the future of funding.

Business News

Guiding Passionate Entrepreneurs in Tough Times

Ankur Capital believes that enhanced risks inherent in the business and funding environment will also reflect in tighter valuation benchmarks for funding rounds across stages


Startups Need a Plan To Brave the Funding Winter

According to Krishna Vinjamuri, partner, Kae Capital, startups need to figure out how to achieve strong unit economics and limited cash burn to grow meaningfully during the current funding winter

News and Trends

The Thesis Driven Investor

Stellaris Venture Partners are seeing strong deal flow in a number of different spaces such as fintech, web3, SaaS, creator economy, EV ecosystem and climate tech

News and Trends

The Distinctive Investor

The investment philosophy at Endiya Partners has always been distinctive. The company invests across the SaaS, deep tech, financial services and healthcare sectors

Growth Strategies

Ananth Narayanan's Billion-Dollar Baby

Mensa, the Indian company to reach unicorn status fastest


Mr. Down to Earth

Bansal is of the opinion that funding on the equity side is likely to reduce significantly across sectors


The Apex Predator

He believes that there are multiple white spaces within a broader investment focus that need attention like animal health, waste management, soil health, alternative protein sources, and new age rural fintech solutions


The Far-Sighted Investor

According to Vanga, it is important for every investor to ensure the continuity of their portfolio, which would indicate more bridge rounds in the next 12-24 months


Mr. Investor Realist

Rajiv believes that a long road to recovery is expected but it also presents an opportune moment for driven founders to build solid companies


Training Focus on D2C 2.0

Singal to support companies that connect India to Bharat


Taking A Calibrated Approach To Funding

Agarwal already looking at start-ups in climate tech, climate + fintech