Money Managers

Money Managers

Burman Family Office Believes in Investing for the Next Generation

Burman Family Holdings, family office of Dabur India, has been investing in businesses to build wealth beyond Dabur.

This Southeast Asian Investors Looks For Founders Who Can Sell Their Idea Well

Golden Gate Ventures' Partner, Justin Hall, says logistics and social commerce sectors currently have his attention

Companies Solving Big Problems With Easy Solutions Is What This VC Looks For

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific interviewed Chua Joo Hock, managing partner at Vertex Ventures, about his investing philosophy, and what excites him about the Asian startup space

Mariwalas Looking at Start-ups to Broaden Investment Portfolio

The family office of Harsh Mariwala-Sharrp Ventures managed by his son Rishabh Mariwala-is building a well-rounded portfolio of start-ups

This VC Firm Stays Ahead By Identifying Trends Before They Become Popular

As an early-stage venture capital firm, Kalaari invests in new trends that they think would bring change and cause disruption across sectors

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Money Managers

Patni Family Office is Betting Big on Tech Start-ups

Apart from the family office RAAY Global Investments, Amit Patni has set up three venture capitalist funds to invest in tech start-ups
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The Damani Family Office Invests in Startups Focused on Serving 'Bharat'

Anirudh Damani of Artha India Ventures is scouting for startups that are serving customers in smaller cities
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Wipro's VC Arm is Focused on Consumer & FMCG Start-ups. Here's All You Need to Know

The INR 200 crore fund will invest in new age tech-enabled consumer brands as well as companies which are working on innovative distribution models
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This Institution Backed Unicorns At Early Stage, And It's Not a Traditional VC. Find Out

IFC, a World Bank-backed institution, looks at start-ups that are solving a well-defined large problem with solid founding teams and a path to profitability
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Want to Focus on Business and Not Fret about Funding? Talk to This VC

IIFL Asset Management's seed venture fund believes that providing adequate and timely capital to entrepreneurs makes them execute ideas better
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This Incubator Creates Its Own Ventures And Incubates Them

Pioneering Ventures follows a hybrid model between a venture capital and entrepreneur firm where it creates its own ventures and incubates them
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This VC is Scouting For Start-ups Which Plan to Serve the Next Billion Indians

Ankur Capital's focus is to invest in technology for the new one billion Internet users, a majority of which are going to come from India' rural areas, Tier II and III cities
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This Investor Wants to Invest in 100 Startups Every Year

Sanjay Mehta, the principal investor of Mehta Ventures family office and 100X.VC fund has built an impressive portfolio of over 130 startups consisting of some star exits
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Intuition, Not Impulse Is What Drives This Investor While Investing in Start-ups

Blume Ventures is on track to have at least 2 unicorns in its portfolio in the next two years, says Ashish Fafadia
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These Two Top VCs Have Had the Best Experiences From Working Together With Founders

Over the course of working with more than 50 start-ups, one of the most valuable learning has been the process of building a bridge of trust and confidence through multiple micro-interactions, say Siddarth and Pranav Pai