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This Incubator Creates Its Own Ventures And Incubates Them

Pioneering Ventures follows a hybrid model between a venture capital and entrepreneur firm where it creates its own ventures and incubates them

Shreya Ganguly

This VC is Scouting For Start-ups Which Plan to Serve the Next Billion Indians

Ankur Capital's focus is to invest in technology for the new one billion Internet users, a majority of which are going to come from India' rural areas, Tier II and III cities

Shreya Ganguly

This Investor Wants to Invest in 100 Startups Every Year

Sanjay Mehta, the principal investor of Mehta Ventures family office and 100X.VC fund has built an impressive portfolio of over 130 startups consisting of some star exits

Shipra Singh

Intuition, Not Impulse Is What Drives This Investor While Investing in Start-ups

Blume Ventures is on track to have at least 2 unicorns in its portfolio in the next two years, says Ashish Fafadia

Bhavya Kaushal

These Two Top VCs Have Had the Best Experiences From Working Together With Founders

Over the course of working with more than 50 start-ups, one of the most valuable learning has been the process of building a bridge of trust and confidence through multiple micro-interactions, say Siddarth and Pranav Pai

Debroop Roy

How Entrepreneurs Taught This Investor that Capitalism is Not the Antithesis of Social Good

Schwark Satyavolu, General Partner at Trinity Ventures, shares the highs and learnings of being an investor

Bhavya Kaushal

What Does This Venture Debt Firm Look For Before Investing in Start-Ups?

Apart from gauging the category position of a company, Trifecta also spends time with equity investors to ensure that expectations are aligned, says managing director Rahul Khanna.

Debroop Roy

If Your Start-Up has a Global Vision, This Venture Capital Will Bet On You

Arka Venture Labs is an India-US cross-border accelerator fund designed to facilitate a faster global transition for Indian B2B start-ups

Vinayak Sharma

'Impact Investment Returns Are Similar to VC, So Why Not Give Back To Society'

A perfect scenario is when investments in start-ups give financial returns and have social impact too, according to Unitus Ventures' Vikas Sarda

Shreya Ganguly

Businesses Need To Be Mindful of Social Impact Going Forward, Says This VC

As consumption patterns change due to social and environmental dynamics, Lightbox' Sandeep Murthy stresses on the need to build solutions for these complex problems.

Debroop Roy

This Investor Believes Understanding Entrepreneurs is the Best Way for Investors to Manage Money

Entrepreneur-turned investor Bhaskar Majumdar says that the role of the investor is to ensure that things are on track

Bhavya Kaushal

Here's What One of India's Oldest VCs Looks For Before Investing

Given market diversity and a whimsical regulatory framework, one must build businesses for the long term in India to build significant value, says Ventureast's Sarath Naru

Debroop Roy