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Spotify ahora venderá directamente a los fans boletos para los conciertos de los artistas

La plataforma de streamig de audio y música evoluciona y va tras Ticketmaster y otras empresas de venta de boletos.


Spotify jubila el confuso botón híbrido "shuffle/play", pero solo para los usuarios premium del servicio

La petición de los usuarios ha sido escuchada, pero solo podrán disfrutar del cambio aquellos usuarios que paguen por el servicio.


Artificial Intelligence: A New Genre of Music

AI is changing the way music is heard, and made


Anghami's Got You The Tunes You Need To Work From Home

Anghami, the MENA region's largest music streaming app, has put together a Working From Home playlist that's just what we need in the background when getting on top of all our tasks.

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After Videos, Now Audio Streaming Giants Turn To Originals To Capture Indian OTT Market

Music streaming platform Gaana announced the launch of its exclusive line-up of podcasts and shows


'Spotify has Been Able to Localize Content for Indian Users, That's a Success for Us'

This 10-year-old Swedish startup aims to transform the Indian music industry from piracy driven to content driven


The Bro Code - Meet The Sound Industry's New Disruptors

Think of music and millennials, and what's affordable that suits their budget.

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Spotify Expands in Asia With India Debut

The global streaming platform takes on Amazon, Google and Apple music in the subcontinent

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After Spotify, Another Music Giant is Preparing for IPO in US Stock Exchange

In an announcement at Hong Kong stock exchange, the Chinese internet giant Tencent said the terms of the proposed spin-off, including offering size, price range and other details are yet to be finalized

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Will the Titans in the Market Sideline the Small Players of Indian Music Streaming Industry?

The fight to establish the early leadership in the growing segment among the titans has clearly come under the spotlight