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AT&T impulsa a jóvenes emprendedores con vena social

Por medio de la iniciativa 30 segundos por México, 15 emprendedores viajarán al MIT en noviembre, donde obtendrán herramientas para hacer realidad sus proyectos que podrían resolver problemáticas sociales y medioambientales.

Ilse Maubert Roura

· 3 min read

Six Tips To Run a Successful Start-up

With start-up culture providing opportunity to youngsters, let's discuss a few tips for a successful venture

Mangal Karnad

· 4 min read

Sanchita Dash

· 5 min read

Si tienes una startup con impacto social y ambiental New Ventures te busca

BBVA Momentum es un programa muy completo de capacitación, sesiones de mentoría, accesos a financiamiento y presentaciones con potenciales aliados e inversionistas; todo dirigido exclusivamente para emprendedores con negocios de impacto social y ambiental.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 2 min read

The Head and Tail of Bitcoin Bubble

More than as an instrument to buy and sell goods and commodities, increasingly money is being invested in bitcoin to make even more money

Sandeep Soni

· 6 min read

Why is it Necessary to Design Start-ups for Buyouts

A realistic goal would be to build certain scale for the company, where a bigger company would be interested in buying it

T Muralidharan

· 4 min read

Importance of Peer-to-peer Platforms

In peer-to-peer platforms, we have the benefit of learning from those who have been around the block and witnessed a fortunate amount of success

Sweta Mangal

· 8 min read

Implementing Key Drivers of Growth for Entrepreneur

A few essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur are: a sense of purpose – a visionary, data driven, hard-working and diligent – a man of detai

Paresh Rajde

· 7 min read

Identifying The Pain Points Of Today's Entrepreneurs

"It is important for entrepreneurs to understand that the process of starting a new business is significantly different from expanding it."

Harsh Mariwala

· 3 min read

This Man Is Digitising India, One Project At A Time

Meet the man who helmed the passport seva project

Sanchita Dash

· 5 min read

#3 Reasons Why Changing Your Profession Is The Right Thing To Do

Forty-one-year-old Priti Shah's is the story of a woman who tried her hands at unique but rare business ventures.

Baishali Mukherjee

· 4 min read

#5 Reasons Why your Employees will Not Use your App

The IT group includes the reconciliation, security and non-useful prerequisites before searching for designers.

Pratik Kanada

· 4 min read