XYXX Secures INR 90 Crore In Series B Funding

XYXX's omnichannel approach has been pivotal to their success across major metros as well as tier I, II and III markets, resulting in an explosive year-on-year growth of 300 per cent in FY22

Teena Jose

Shiprocket Acquires Arvind's Omnichannel Technology Business 'Omuni' For INR 200 Crore

The Shiprocket-Omuni acquisition deal will deliver a more robust and seamless post-purchase experience to the customers and will ensure better inventory utilization, faster localized fulfilment, optimize operational cost and deliver delightful multichannel experiences

Teena Jose

Redefining Omnichannel: How To Be Where Your Customers Are

The defining tenet of any successful omnichannel strategy is one where customer experience is fundamental and sacrosanct across channels

Yogesh Kabra

3 Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Time, Money, and Valuable Customers

Business owners can learn three practical strategies that can help them avoid losses, avoid disruption and avoid losing market share to competitors.

Sid Peddinti

Future Of Retail Is Omnichannel

Be available to the customers always, anytime on the device and location of their choice

Amit Kumar

Omnichannel Customer Experience: Why It Matters More Today Than Ever

Its effectiveness has been proven across industries, and its uses have expanded into many areas, from marketing to customer service

Somdutta Singh

BFSI Turning To AI, Moving From SMS To Omnichannel Chatbots

AI is transforming every aspect of our lives and it's quite prominent in the banking industry. Today, with the help of omnichannel chatbots, customers enjoy seamless and personalized service across every touchpoint

Gaurav Singh

Why It Has Become Imperative For Businesses To Provide an Omnichannel Customer Experience

The significance of digital communication channels for businesses has undoubtedly increased, with a clear realization that a great customer experience can no longer be delivered only through traditional mediums such as voice or emails

Pankaj Gupta

How Logistics Industry Evolved In 2019 And Expectations From 2020

The logistics industry has accomplished an almost impossible function by executing product delivery in a brief span of 30 minutes

Saahil Goel

Growing Your Online Presence as an E-commerce Brand - How to do it

A brand isn't the product but the persona that it builds around itself

Ashish Gurnani

E-commerce Technology Trends That Will Take Center Stage In 2019

Looking forward to 2019, we can see that technology and the way in which it is implemented in the daily functions in the e-commerce industry

Harsh Chauhan

Here is Why Retailers are Embracing Omnichannel Marketing in a Big Way

This strategic vision is going to drive omnichannel marketing in India in years ahead as sellers try to understand consumers' shopping habits and preferences

Ravi Saxena