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Government Is Not Considering Any Charges For UPI, Says Finance Ministry

The ministry also said that the concerns of the service providers for cost recovery have to be met through other means

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Landeed Raises INR 19.5 Crore In Pre-Seed Funding

The fund will be used to expedite product development as well as build a comprehensive and standardized property documentation retrieval system

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Innoviti Raises $45 Million In Series D Funding Led By Panthera Growth Partners

The fund raised will be utilized to expand company's mid-market product lines in electronics, fashion and grocery

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Mewt Raise $4.6 Million In Seed Capital

The company will use the fund to expand its team and launch its super-card, along with empowering a million small businesses in India by the end of 2022

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Changing the future of transactions to be more secure, transparent and efficient.


Fintech Unsecured Lending: Challenges And Myths

Private sector financial institutions are leading innovation in various fintech products to enable more easy digital access to their existing as well as new financial products

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'Possible Inflation Rise, But It Will Not Be a Catastrophe'

Gabriele Blei, CEO of Azimut Holding, shares his insights about Michael Burry's predictions


Fintechs Want Better Fund Flow, Lower GST and Regulations in Cryptos

The financial technology space is expecting a differentiated treatment in the upcoming Budget

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Fintech Trends Making Waves In 2020 and Outlook For the Industry In 2021

If there is one distinction that 2020 is known notably for, it is the emergence of a cashless economy due to the onset of a global pandemic

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Facilitating Digital Payment Inclusion For MSME Merchants In India

The MSME segment is virtually untapped and continue to struggle with access to credit and financial inclusion


Year 2020 & Unfolding Of 2021 For the Fintech Sector

The year 2021 will be all about consolidation and innovations in the payments sector


Diversification And Transformation In the Digital Payment Solution Industry

Cesar Bermejo through Expo Pay, a technologically advanced platform, is making digital assets beneficial to everyone


A Global P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

BitcoinGlobal pushes the bar in cryptocurrency purchase as it caters for trades around the world with no restrictions


UPI Transactions On the Rise: Is This Indicative Of a Systemic Shift?

If the current trend continues during the next two months as well, then the share of UPI transactions in the overall digital payment industry of the country could increase even further


Trends In Insurance: Leading to a Streamlined Process

The use of algorithms has dominated the finance industry, while financial advisory has taken a new shape with the advent of robo-advisors