A Global P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange BitcoinGlobal pushes the bar in cryptocurrency purchase as it caters for trades around the world with no restrictions

By Mattias Mende

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BitcoinGlobal is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency trading platform that brings together traders from all over the world to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly with each other, without intermediaries. With over 60 payment methods, traders are free to choose which option is cheaper and most convenient to execute their trades.

BitcoinGlobal pushes the bar in cryptocurrency purchase as it caters for trades around the world with no restrictions. Users can directly spend their native currencies to purchase Bitcoin or USD Tether available on ERC20 and TRC20 networks right on the spot without having to pass through too many restrictions.

BitcoinGlobal kicked-off with the listing of pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and popular stable coin, Tether. The advantage of having these two cryptocurrencies is obvious. Not only can Bitcoin be used to trade on the Bitcoin Global exchange, but it can also be used to purchase merchandise online since it is the most established and adopted cryptocurrency in the world. Meanwhile, Tether on its part can be used to hedge against crypto-volatility for use by day traders giving customers a basket of options to keep their money.

Unlike other peer-to-peer exchanges that offer very tight withdrawal and deposit limits for unverified users, customers on bitcoin global can withdraw up to 2 BTC without identity verification and can deposit an unlimited amount of cryptocurrencies into their Bitcoin Global wallets.

There are more than 7,509 cryptocurrencies in circulation today with a combined market capitalization of about $387 billion approximately across 31,658 markets (Market data obtained from coinmarketcap). Exchanges account for a greater portion of all of these trades—decentralized and centralized exchanges—as there are over 300 exchanges and counting with the top 10 exchanges responsible for over $20 billion of the total market cap.

DEX activities skyrocketed in recent times due to the DeFi market hype reaching new heights, recently surpassing daily trade of top crypto exchange Coinbase but peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges still remain largely unpopular accounting for only a small portion of cryptocurrency transactions in total.

A typical characteristic of all of these 300-plus exchanges is the basic and strict requirement of passing KYC before transactional activities, only a few exceptions allow trade activities up to 2 BTC without KYC.

A few things to keep in mind when trading on Bitcoin Global

  • Under no circumstance should you release cryptocurrency to a buyer before receiving payment because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. That is why you need to double-check that you actually received the exact amount you expected from your trading partner.
  • You cannot send cryptocurrency from your Bitcoin Global wallet to a platform like satoshidice that is capable of returning cryptocurrency to a sending address.
  • Bitcoin Global team would never ask you to share your login credentials nor request for any specific action on the website.

Safeguarding your account on Bitcoin Global

In order to protect your privacy, Bitcoin Global changes your receiving address after every transaction. This makes it difficult for cybercriminals to use a block explorer to trace and eventually track you down. There is also a built-in two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing your account even if they manage to find your password.

There are times you might want to send Bitcoin or Tether to a particular Address and the transaction won't go through. Don't freak out! This is happening because bitcoin Global's security is at work to protect your funds. If the security system detects any suspicious activity, it automatically blocks transactions being sent to the suspect.

Benefit of using BitcoinGlobal

Exchange directly with no middleman, outside BitcoinGlobal escrow lock of all cryptos sent to protect users, the exchange doesn't get involved with the transaction, neither does its staff, trades are done strictly between buyers and sellers.

There exist very few crypto peer to peer platform that enables escrow facilities and applies global exchange standards, this isn't common in the industry, BitcoinGlobal crypto peer to peer platform raises the bar on how P2P trading system should be done as they also recently initiated the trade without KYC system, an ability that will allow users to make withdrawal of up to 2 BTC daily without the needing of passing through KYC, a feat meant to bring in users who are averse to being profiled before they can trade.

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