How Organizations Can Measure Their Readiness For Implementing AI Solutions For Cybersecurity

With the help of sophisticated algorithms, AI is slowly proving its worth as a robust tool to secure enterprise networks


How can Organizations foster an Environment of Entrepreneurship at the Workplace?

Developing an entrepreneurial culture at the workplace therefore no longer remains an option, but a necessity to win the business race


Leadership Lessons for Millennials

Being a new leader requires a completely different set of skills than those that are needed as an individual contributor

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Indian Employers Are Embracing the Concept of Internship (Infographic)

Students are looking to broaden their professional horizon through internships

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Your Reputation is a Measurable and Valuable Asset

In this climate of conscious consumption, organizations are under increasing pressure to ensure what they say and do actually align

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Why Women Prefer Money to Career Titles

As women become more experienced and their self-confidence grows, their inclination to take risks declines

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Hiring Diverse Professionals Strengthens the Workplace

People with different backgrounds can bring enriching ideas and problem-solving skills to the table

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A Discourse on Women and Workforce in India

Women help build an inspiring work culture by bringing in healthy competition, fostering teamwork, bonding and thereby helping the company grow to its full potential

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#10 Ways to Use Design Thinking for Driving Business

Design thinking drives innovation & creates more opportunities for everyone to contribute effectively