Remesh Ramachandran

Remesh Ramachandran

CISO | Security Researcher | Ethical hacker

About Remesh Ramachandran

Remesh Ramachandran is a prominent name in the Indian community of ethical hackers and security industry community. He has time and again proved himself to solve several sophisticated and unthinkable cybercrime and real-world hacking cases and has prominently contributed to global communities in keeping their information assets safe from adversaries and have worked for the government and various other national and international agencies.

Remesh is a multifaceted personality who is currently working as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for a high profile organisation. In this capacity, he oversees enterprise security strategies ensuring alignment to business objectives and helps to set the operational and strategic direction for corporates. He is responsible for protecting data privacy, security compliance, and providing end to end information security needs of the organisation. While he is planning to thwart the emerging security threats, he is also investigating emerging technologies.

A firm believer of ‘Security-by-design’, he has held important positions in major financial companies around the world assessing their Cybersecurity risks, compliance and performing security audits to evaluate the enterprise security posture. He has numerous research papers, published articles on some of the world’s significant platforms under his name. He has also presented himself on various information security conferences around the globe such as DEF CON, BlackHat and Hackers Halted to name few.

He has noticeably received various ‘Hall-of-Fame’, ‘Bug Bounties’ and Acknowledgements from many Fortune 500 companies. The list of achievements, accolades and awards is long to be listed here but to name few; it includes - United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Alien Vault, McAfee, Avira, Yahoo, eBay, Bosch, Trend Micro, INFLECTRA, Transifex, Check Point, Mastercard etc. He has received special appreciation for his exemplary work from Government of India and some of the world’s premier universities such as the University of Cambridge, University of Twente and Harvard University.

While he is always engaged in multiple assignments, currently he is developing and building an OpenPenTest platform. The platform is free to be used by security researchers, penetration testers and ethical hackers and help them in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. OpenPenTest is uniquely well suited for startups and SMBs with its state-of-the-art technology and advanced methodologies, which makes it easier to detect any potential security vulnerabilities, identify the threats to the system and avoid their future re-occurrences.

He also provides his services as a consultant and advisor for the regional Police departments, Cyber Crime Department and other key government agencies against ever-evolving cyber threats. Besides, he also serves as a Member of Advisory Board for the EC-Council and contributes for their leading certification exam CHFI (Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigation).

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