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Science & Technology

Square Just Made Getting Paid Much Easier for Entrepreneurs

The new Square Online Checkout platform makes cashless (and contactless) payment processing as simple as sharing a link.


Role Of Data Analytics In the Lending Sector

Sanctioning a loan depends on two things-the customer's ability and intent to pay. Getting these two things right separates the successful lenders from failures


Turning to 'Buy-Now-Pay-Later' Models: E-commerce Giants Strengthen Financial Offerings To Operate In the 'New Normal'

From payments to lending to insurance, e-commerce is providing financial services to support its core business by partnering with banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions

News and Trends

DotPe Collaborates With McDonald's India (North & East) To Provide Contactless Ordering Solutions

The tech startup is currently offering its digital ordering solutions fully integrated with a payment gateway in all the restaurants of McDonald's across Delhi-NCR

News and Trends

Dubai Chamber Launches Task Force To Analyze And Tackle The Issue Of Late Payments In The UAE

Launched under the banner of Dubai Chamber's Sustainability Network, the Task Force on Prompt Payment Practices for Subcontractors and Suppliers is set to explore the causes behind late payments.


Future of Cash: Impact of Covid-19 on Payments

Cashless payments could become a permanent fixture in the economic exchange ecosystem hereafter

Growth Strategies

Helping Small Businesses On The Road To Recovery From The Coronavirus Pandemic

The entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking that startups and small businesses bring to the table will help create new industries and transform existing ones to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

Buying / Investing in Business

5 Ways This Crisis Is Changing Venture Capital Investment Strategy

Business must continue in spite of the crisis, and here are some changes the investment landscape is seeing as investors and entrepreneurs make the best of a bad situation.


UAE-Based Social P2P Payments Solution Ziina Raises US$850,000 In Pre-Seed Round

Promised to be as easy as sending a text message, the social P2P payment solution allows UAE bank account holders can use to send and receive money with just a phone number- no IBAN or SWIFT code required.

Growth Strategies

Three Payment Plans To Increase Cash Inflow For Your Business

Every business is looking for ways to cut costs and reduce cash outflows. Treat this as an opportunity.


How the Industry is coping with the CBDT Mandate for Businesses to Accept Digital Payments

The move to promote the adoption of digital payment modes among the huge merchant base in India was driven by the government's march towards achieving the digital economy and becoming a less-cash economy


How a Charge Card Is the Ultimate Asset For Small Businesses

To get the most out of a card with no pre-set spending limit, it's important to understand how the concept works.

Health & Wellness

Have a Great Product? Don't Be Afraid to Dismantle It to Build a Better One.

The founders of VisitPay explain their step-by-step process for doing the impossible: making your healthcare bills make sense!


This Indian Start-Up Wants To Bring More Customers To the Digital Payments Landscape

Bengaluru-based Cashfree has grown steadily over the last few years and with profitability on its side, expects payments volumes on its platform to triple by the end of the calendar year.

Growing a Business

How Businesses Can Process Payments Without Stress

If you can reliably provide customers with peace of mind during checkout, you'll come out on top.