Growing a Business

One British Philosopher's Life Advice Could Be the Secret to Transforming Your Company

How the wisdom of the late British writer and academician Alan Watts — best known for integrating Eastern philosophy with a Western mindset — can transform your company by fostering creativity and promoting work/life harmony.


This Ancient Philosophy Is the Key to Leading Through Turbulent Times

In consistently changing times, it can be hard for leaders to remain an anchor during the storm. This philosophy offers the thoughtful steadiness of reason for leaders gripped by fear and uncertainty.


You Can Think Yourself Into the Person You Want to Be

Use the power of thought for maximum success.

Growing a Business

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Thought Leaders

Entrepreneurship and Eudaimonia: The Pursuit Of Lasting Happiness

Entrepreneurs who wish to find real, lasting happiness need to pursue what the Greeks called "eudaimonia."

Growth Strategies

How 'Takumi Philosophy' Can Drive Innovation In the Current Pandemic-Hit World

The way we conduct business operations will fundamentally change over the next five years

Starting a Business

How to Identify Your Perfect Co-Founder Match

Finding "the one" in business doesn't have to be so elusive.


Why Today's Best Business Leaders Look to Stoicism

An entrepreneur's guide to this ancient Greek philosophy.


50 Motivational Quotes From Inspiring Women Leaders

These trailblazers and disruptors are an inspiration to us all.

Making a Change

10 Inspirational Quotes From Navy SEAL Training

Entrepreneurship may not be as punishing, but there is a lot to learn from these elite military members.

Thought Leaders

5 College Degrees That Prepare You for Small-Business Success

Liberal arts degrees are a better foundation for entrepreneurship than many despairing graduates realize.

News and Trends

Capture, Create & Colour: Purpose-driven Work Space Can Inspire Employees

Companies should look for ways to motivate employees by designing their offices to be physical representations of their brands

Thought Leaders

5 Reasons Why Philosophy Majors Make Great Entrepreneurs

When accomplished entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel and Carly Fiorina credit their philosophy backgrounds for their success, you have to wonder if they're on to something.


Here's My PSA: Life is a Gift

There is no rehearsal to life, so seize its opportunities while you can.

Business News

The Fast Food CEO Who Made Fat Great Again

This company made high-calorie meals a profitable statement -- and a striking blow against political correctness.