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All you Need is Love is the Mantra for These Successful Couples

Given the long work hours where they often lose track of day and night, the personal lives of founders go for a toss

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Top #6 Indian Entrepreneurs Who Wooed Bollywood Beauties

The list of India's coolest business founders and CEOs tying the knot with industry head-turners is a long one.


This Entrepreneur Couple Knows How To Do The Balancing Act

'For couples, it works best if they have a common goal for life.'


"India's Healthcare Needs More Than Just Sympathy, A Technology Shot"

Cloudnine Hospitals' Dr Kumar's aim is to provide quality maternity care with the help of high-end technology.


"For Us, Our Attempt Has to be either Life Changing or Life Saving"

The Sagars who have led an unconventional life from the very start say each have been each other's pillars.


Renewing Life and Mission with Their Clean Energy Venture

Vaishali and Sumant came together in the professional space in 2010 to start an advisory firm.


This Power Couple is Recharging Each Others' Lives

Currently Bipin is the majority shareholder in the business followed by Upasana.


Here's Miss and Mr Malini

After confessing his love for Malini, Nowshad went to a B-school abroad.

Growth Strategies

'Working Together Gives You the Opportunity to Complement Each Other'

Whistling Woods International is spearheaded by the creative duo Rahul Puri and Meghna Ghai Puri.


Are Couples in Business Made in Heaven or in Hell?

Is it wise to take your business ideas from the bedroom to the boardroom?

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Power Doubles With Coupling in Politics, India's Top #6 Political Pairs

Breaking the glass ceiling, the Indian iconic wives have shunned the orthodox ideologies.


#5 Power Couples Who Are Taking Over The Tech World

These popular duos have made both their private and the personal life work smoothly.


These #7 Celebrity Power Couples are Making Millions Together

The power couples are the talented individuals who are rounding up as the blistering couples in the varied arenas like entertainment and business


Business Partner, Spouse or Both: Making the Couple Dynamic Work at Work

It's often harder to get out of a business partnership than a marriage. If couples can't handle the day-to-day stress of marriage, they won't be able to handle the day-to-day stress of business. As a result, ultimately, the company will fail.

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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Celebrate 25 Years of Billionaire Bromance

Two of the world's richest businessmen are ringing in their silver anniversary today. Their friendship wasn't always 'Oreos for breakfast' and heart-to-heart calls. The mogul mates got off to an 'awkward start.'