This Entrepreneur Couple Knows How To Do The Balancing Act

'For couples, it works best if they have a common goal for life.'

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Building a relationship whether it's professional or personal requires constructive efforts from both sides to maintain sustainability.

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Since marriages are all about complementing each other in life, the idea of doing a business together is definitely worth a chance giving. Accept it or not, but it does get easy when it comes to sharing work with your life partner or making each other understand what is necessary and why.

For some couples, the idea of starting a business with your life partner may not sound great, but for couples it works the best if they have a common goal for life.

Similarly, with immense patience, understanding and perseverance, the founders of the Bengaluru-based Cloudnine Hospitals, Dr. Kishore Kumar and his wife Vidya have carved out a niche in catering to the dire healthcare sector needs in India.

Leaving a renowned job in one of the top-most universities in Australia, the couple returned to India in a bid to serve the best healthcare facilities which they experienced while living abroad.

Unheard of the term called "maternity deaths' while living abroad, Vidya and Dr. Kishore started their entrepreneurial journey in 2006 with an aim to reduce the mortality rate by serving the best maternal care with high-end technology equipments.

'Our thought process does the balancing act'

The duo complemented each other in their entrepreneurial venture from day one says Vidya. When Entrepreneur India asked the couple how did you two help each other taking off your venture, Vidya said, "Our thought process does the balancing act, which helps both of us a lot. We have separate departments to focus on, as Dr. Kumar provides medical inputs and I am focused on ensuring customer satisfaction."

She knows which model runs in India the best," adds Dr. Kishore.

The company also runs its own parenting magazine, "Just Kidding' that gives parenting tips to would-be fathers and mothers and a course called "Management in Baby Affairs', which is a new offering to the Indian healthcare industry.

How do you two balance your work and personal life?

While talking about their professional relationship, we also asked the couple how is it like to be when the two business partners are at one home. Vidya says "we have this policy that we don't talk about work and hospital at home. We limit work-based conversations to office only.'

"For a doctor, taking time out from the patients is really difficult,' said Dr. Kumar. I used to take care of all the business-related queries or discussions with consultants in a evening slot, for which I had another neonatologist to take patients.' This is how we separated our work and also gave space to our personal lives at the same time.

Coming from a doctors' family background, Vidya was trained as a Medical Practice Manager in the UK, which had helped her understanding the work of her husband and managing the hospital operations well.

"One thing which really bonded our relationship in a smoother manner was because I come from the families of doctors as everyone including my father, my brother, brother in law are doctors. I was never a doctor though, but I understood that how doctors work. That really helped us after marriage.'

(Interview by Aashika Jain)