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PwC Resigns As Paytm Payments Services Auditor

As per reports, the company has appointed SR Batliboi & Associates as the statutory auditors of PPSL

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70% Of Businesses Planning To Integrate Metaverse In Their Organizational Activities: PwC India Report

Over 70 per cent of Indian top executives and C-suite leaders were reported to have plans to integrate metaverse in their organizational activities, with 63% being actively working towards it and planning to embed it in the system within a year fully.


How Women Can Help Boost Global Economy By $6 Trillion

If countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development caught up to Sweden's female employment rate, they would see huge financial gains, says PwC research

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Vietnam Among Top APEC Economies For Foreign Investments

APEC business leaders are also very well aware of the need to invest more in becoming digital


#3 Things MFIs Should Know Before Embracing Technology

Companies should perceive technology has a long-term investment as it gets far more benefits than just reduced costs