Growth Strategies

Why R&D Can Be Every Startup's Not-so-secret Formula To Long-term Success

While R&D leads to growth and lack of it hurts innovation, many companies skip past it and hit the markets in order to build revenue faster

News and Trends

Polymerize Raises $4.2 Million In Series A Funding Round

The fund will be used to ramp up hiring and expand the company's geographical footprint


Starting A D2C In Today's Tech-driven World Is Manageable

Makker cites scaling and ensuring sustained growth challenging


Academia And Industry Must Come Together To Ensure Future-Ready Risk Education

The pandemic has also revealed the necessity of building resilient organizations that can stay agile in the face of global uncertainties


Technology Hubs Are Setting the pace for Nurturing Innovations

The technology labs - or hubs, or incubators, or accelerators, are setting the pace when it comes to nurturing innovations globally

News and Trends

Singapore-based Tookitaki Nabs US$7.5 million in Series A Funding

A large portion of the funding will be utilized in strengthening the R&D capabilities

Growing a Business

Why Your R&D Budget Should Be the Last Place You Cut

You can't compete in today's environment without spurring cutting-edge R&D.


#5 Reasons Why Start-ups Should Invest in R&D to Produce Innovative Products and Services

It is a widely accepted misconception that investment in R&D is only for large scale organizations and established brands


This Entrepreneur's Success Mantra is Community Building

For ages, Ayurveda and Yoga have been a defining factor for India. But more than that, what has always defined is the unity in diversity and thereby, community building


This Pharma Company Director has Fire in the Belly to Scale New Heights

"When I had joined Mankind in 2008-09, it was a much smaller company. Most of the practices were sort of family driven.


This Young Entrepreneur is Finding A Tech-Fix In Electronic Industry

Introduction of D2H into the market was another innovation towards getting a concept of satellite TV's.


Corporate Innovation: What's Cooking In Business Corridors

Corporates today are extremely savvy and most are well aware of what start-ups are doing in their respective domains.


A Southeast Asian Unicorn Aims to Create an Industrial Bridge Between India and Indonesia

Bike- sharing app Go-Jek has now launched an engineering facility in Bangalore that will also serve as its headquarters in India

Growth Strategies

Cash-rich Companies Prefer Acquisition Over R&D

An entrepreneur, who is just setting up his business, must know how to use the available framework and data.

Science & Technology

You Can't Expand While Your House Is on Fire

Some steps you just don't get to skip, like having a product that works as advertised, at a cost that makes economic sense.