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Turning Trash Into Treasure: How Philippines-Based Green Antz Is Leading The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

In the heart of the Philippines, Green Antz has emerged as a transformative force in waste management and the circular economy.


How to Reduce E-waste and Promote Repurpose in Your Business

Entrepreneurs can make a massive impact on sustainability by employing the right practices

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California Family Accused of Recycling Fraud Scheme Worth Millions, Facing Possible Prison Time

The charges filed against family members include grand theft, recycling fraud and conspiracy.

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This Dumpster Diver Makes $5,000 a Month Salvaging Designer Items

Veronica Taylor travels the country sifting through garbage bins for bucks. She's part of a growing archaeological trend.

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4 Eco Hacks For a More Sustainable 2023

These simple sustainability goals will help clean up the environment at home and work.

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How Your Business Can Unpack and Prioritize Sustainability Through Recycling

Here's why leaders must take recycling efforts to the next level through circularity.


Technology Provides a Solution To Pace Down Plastic Pollution

It is wise to start recycling, upcycling or shifting to more sustainable solutions in place of plastic, educating people and helping them understand the need for such a shift

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This Fashion Founder's Company Will Take Back Any Piece of Clothing at Any Time for Any Reason. Here's Why.

Kristy Caylor's sustainable clothing brand For Days aims to change the way customers approach their wardrobes.


UAE-Based Trident Trackway Is Recycling Plastic Waste To Create Temporary Roadway Solutions

Trident Trackway makes heavy duty portable flooring products made from recycled plastic in the UAE, enabling the construction of temporary roadways, staging areas, and storage pads.

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Meet The Dubai Startups Cutting Waste With Science

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, environment-friendly laboratories, and a solar-powered community park with green spaces nearing completion, Dubai Science Park is a district focused on healthcare, energy and the environment.

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Circular Economy: The Future of Business Post COVID-19

By reusing, recycling, and repurposing commodities that have outlived their initial use, the circular economy is able to generate employment opportunities, create new avenues of revenue, and fuel economic activity, while reducing some pressure on natural resources.

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5 Ways to Transform Your Business into a Sustainable One

Building a sustainable business means more than getting everyone to recycle. It's about establishing new business strategies and team mindset.

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Taylor Stitch Makes Us Rethink Our Wardrobe

Most clothes end up in the landfill. The solution is to make and sell much better clothes.

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Recycling Metal Scrap is a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Manufacture of steel and other metals in India, although generating profits for manufacturers, when combined with recycled metal scrap will lead to greater production of metal at a lower cost

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ReGrained Markets Food Made From Upcycled Brewery 'Spent' Grain

The hardest part of entrepreneurship is finding the courage to act on your ideas.