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Conquering New Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

Remote work has changed our perception of an office, and the need for relocating for a job is dwindling. Here are three things businesses must consider in this new world of remote and hybrid work.

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Offer These 8 Terms in Your Employee Relocation Packages to Make Your Offers More Competitive

These suggestions for a relocation package can make your company more competitive while still adequately supporting team members.

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We are estimating to double our sales in the coming year. We would soon launch an app as well to reach more widely to our B2C clientele: Aakansha Bhargava

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5 Ways to Benefit From Puerto Rico's Post-Pandemic Rebound

After nearly a decade of stagnation, this U.S. territory's tourism and real-estate sectors are roaring back, and recent tax and other incentives are poised to draw additional businesses.

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Americans on the Move, Looking for Less Populated and Greener Pastures

Florida, with its sunshine, warmth, and no individual state income tax, is a big draw, as demonstrated by the annual study of interstate migration by United Van Lines, the nation's largest moving company.

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Musk Moves Tesla Headquarters from California to Texas

"I'm excited to announce that we're moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas," Musk told the company's annual meeting on Oct. 7.


8 U.S. Cities and Towns That Will Pay You To Move There and Work Remote in 2021

Willing to give up big-city life? It could pay off.


7 Things You Need to Know Before Your International Move

The anticipation of being engrossed in a different culture is thrilling, but it can quickly become stressful, too.

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This Oklahoma Town Will Give You $10,000 to Buy a House If You Move There to Work Remote

A recruitment effort within the state's second-largest city wants to entice more remote workers to settle there. It'll even throw in an Airbnb credit so you can try before you buy.


Why Did WeWork's Adam Neumann "Flee" From New York?

He needed to escape the "negative energy." Shouldn't you?

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5 Reasons Why It's Not Yet Time to Move Your Startup to Silicon Valley

Why staying in Europe may make strong business sense and ensures the pitfalls of heading prematurely to the West Coast are avoided.


Tier 2 and 3 Market Likely to See Growth in Co-Working Space

A co-working space makes it easier, shortens that gap and allows one to start work almost immediately

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Cities and States That Will Pay You to Move There

Here are the top seven communities that will pay you to live there.

Growing a Business

8 Things to Consider Before You Open a Second Location

Expansion can be one of the best ways to drive growth. It is also inherently high-risk.

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Seven Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Relocate To The UAE

UAE's latest business-related initiatives prove its credentials for more affordable, more profitable relocation.