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What Font Should You Use on Your Resume?

Here's a hint: Times New Roman is not your friend.

Nina Zipkin

3 Ways to Identify Outstanding College Graduates

How to look beyond the resume to hire exceptional talent.

Antonio Neves

4 Tips That Will Boost Your Chances of Landing That Interview

It may tough to land your resume in the "yes" pile, by following this advice will heighten your prospects.

The 8 Biggest Mistakes on Resumes, and How to Correct Them

Whether you're reading resumes or writing your own -- here are some common errors to look for and avoid.

Adam Toren

To Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview, Focus On This Strategy

Our HR expert discusses what resume elements will help lead to an interview, what he looks for in employees and the importance of thank-you notes.

David Ossip

Is LinkedIn Trying to Catch You Lying on Your Resume? Maybe.

LinkedIn has filed a patent for a fact-checking system that would likely be used to check user-generated content as well as resumes and bios.

5 Huge Resume Blunders -- and How to Avoid Them

With recruiters spending an average of just six seconds reading each resume, one error is all it takes for yours to end up at the bottom of the trash bin.

Stacey Sykes

Google's Head of HR: It Doesn't Matter Where Candidates Went to College

Grades don't matter either, says the search giant's senior vice president of people operations, Laszlo Bock.

Geoff Weiss

5 Surprising Things That May Stop You From Hiring the Right Person

Don't lose out on that next great candidate just because you've made these mistakes.

Protect Your Company From Resume Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud extends to job candidates, so make sure to do due diligence and verify the details.

Want to Stand Out on LinkedIn? Consider Ditching These 10 Overused Buzzwords.

Do you describe yourself as 'motivated'? The professional networking site says you should probably motivate yourself to come up with a more unique description.

Laura Entis