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Starting a Business

Raising Seed Funding? 5 Things you Need to Keep in Mind

One should be looking for seed funding only when you don't have any money to make progress on an idea not to put other people's funds on stake


Is Seed Funding the Right Answer for Your Startup?

Investment isn't for everyone, and understanding the impact it may have on your business is something few entrepreneurs consider beforehand.


How to Obtain Seed Funding if You are a New Start-up?

Co-Founder of agritech startup Gramophone shares tips for new ventures on how to raise VC funds.


Check Out the 43 Most Active Fund Managers in India

These investors have helped script some of the most successful startup stories in India


This Startup is Launching its ICO to Help Users Crowdfund a Fleet of Vehicles

4 hacks on how to raise funds by the believer in blockchain technology to fuel world economy


3 Ways a Midwest Mindset Can Build a Better Business

Take a cue from Midwestern founders who favor sweat equity over funding rounds.

Buying / Investing in Business

Do the Job, Don't Ask for the Job: 10 Ways to Grab Success, According to This VC

Ramtin Naimi, Founder and General Partner of Abstract Ventures, share his tips for thinking and winning big.


Unravelling the Funding Mantra of Ventureast

Entrepreneur spoke to Siddhartha Das, a General Partner, and has been with Ventureast since January 2006.


Raising Pre-series A Funds is More Than Just Art Say These 4 New Winners on the Block

From seed funding to angel investors to big shots venture capitalists, every business entity goes through the cycle of raising investment funds whether it's a startup or an SME.


Here's a VC's Take on Two Important Funding Trends Expected in 2017

Entrepreneur India spoke to Anand Lunia, General Partner at IndiaQuotient, on funding trends and checks entrepreneurs should make prior to picking an investor.

News and Trends

IDG, Axilor Ventures Pump Seed Investment in Bot Protection Platform

InfiSecure, a real-time bot detection and protection platform, today raised $600,000 in seed funding from IDG Ventures and Axilor Ventures


With This Startup, India Is Showing An Interest In Online Jewellery

Startup raises 500K funding from ah! Ventures, Powerhouse Ventures and others.


What A Startup Needs To Know Before Raising Seed Round Of Funding

"If somebody is bullish on a Zomato or a Flipkart or Ola, it shouldn't matter what the stock price is today."


3 Startups That Attracted More Money From Investors Recently

Your daily updates on startup funding.


6 Lessons Learned From Raising $2 Million

Fundraising is a full time job, and so is running your company. It's a lot to figure out.