4 Expert-Backed Strategies for Overriding Imposter Syndrome and Boosting Confidence

Even those at the top of their game struggle with self-doubt. Override your doubts and remember that confidence is a continuous practice.

Aytekin Tank

Why a Self-Aware Leader Is a Good Leader

Leaders need to be self-aware before they can become effective.

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The 'E Word': Why You're Afraid of It, and Why You Should Embrace It Instead

Leaders are scrambling to catch up on how to lead with empathy.

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Why Self-Awareness Is Key to Innovation

To be truly innovative, learn to harness your enthusiasm. But first you have have to overcome the mental challenges.

Aytekin Tank

7 Surprising Ways You Self-Sabotage in Your Business (and What to Do Instead)

When we focus on the wrong things in business, we move away from the freedom we're seeking and instead find ourselves stuck.

How Negative Self-Talk Can Ruin Your Business

Tuning into a gloomy inner voice? One entrepreneur shares how silencing negative self-chatter helped him turn failures into successes.

Aytekin Tank

Why Self-Leadership is Essential to Your Success

To be an effective people-leader, you must first be an effective self-leader. 

Kerry Siggins

Embrace the Unknown to Transform Your Life

Six lessons I've learned about embracing change along the way.

Grace Kim

The Seven Selves: Your Roadmap to Improving Emotional Intelligence

What are the "seven selves," and how can they impact your leadership?

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How to Not Let Impostor Syndrome Sabotage Your Worth

You need to know what to do when this unwelcome visitor strikes.

You Know You're Good Enough, So Why Don't You Believe It?

Highly successful people often know intellectually that they are not failures, but truly believing it is another matter. A psychologist explains why.

Frances Dodds

A Guide to Mastering Your Fear

Beneath our retreat to comfort is often a fear of being inadequate

The Epoch Times