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Tesla's Musk Says New Autopilot Likely Would Have Prevented Death

The update will be available within a week or two through an 'over-the-air' software update.


This Startup Aims to Make Sure Driverless Cars Don't Run You Over's digital signs will let pedestrians know when it's safe to cross in front of the car.

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Ford And Baidu Invest US$ 150 Million In LiDAR Tech For Autonomous Cars

With American car manufacturer Ford and Chinese search engine giant Baidu working on their self-driving technology, they also know when it's time they take in help.

First Driverless Taxi Hits the Streets of Singapore

Developer nuTonomy invited a select group of people to download their app and ride for free in its 'robo-taxi.'


These Companies Are Building an Autonomous Car Platform

Carmakers can add the Central Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) platform to vehicles as early as 2019.

Self-Driving Ubers to Pick Up Pittsburgh Passengers 'Soon'

The ride-sharing service will start operating self-driving cars this month.

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Volvo and Uber Team Up to Develop Self-Driving Cars

Volvo has agreed to a $300 million alliance with Uber to develop self-driving cars.


Ford Doubling Silicon Valley Workforce in Push Toward Self-Driving Cars

The Michigan-based automaker announced plans to accelerate its development of self-driving cars, as it races to keep up with its traditional competitors and technology companies alike.

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Tesla Just Removed 'Autopilot From Chinese Website -- Here's Why

A driver crashed earlier this month while on a commuter highway after the car failed to avoid a vehicle parked on the left side, partially in the roadway, damaging both cars but causing no injuries.


Are Self-Driving Cars Good For Insurance?

"If you're hoping to to shave down your premiums, buying an automated vehicle might not be the right move."

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'Self-Driving' in Spotlight Again as China Sees First Tesla Autopilot Crash

Tesla said on Wednesday that one of its cars had crashed in Beijing while in 'autopilot' mode, with the driver contending sales staff sold the function as 'self-driving,' overplaying its actual capabilities.